This group is for discussions about Tunnelblick, a free, ready-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

There is a separate, low-volume (infrequent mailings) Tunnelblick-Announce group which receives announcements of new releases and other news.

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how to "lock" to corporate dns ? Илья Шипицин 11/19/17
Problems connecting to VPN via High Sierra Rick Baray 11/19/17
probleme de connexion avec tunnelblick Sebastien Prejel 11/17/17
Re: Everything appears to be connected but I get no data! Tunnelblick developer 11/16/17
Connect to VPN but it does not download anything Federico Tomassetti 11/16/17
GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE error after macOS High Sierra upgrade Jim Cienkus 11/14/17
"It connects briefly and then disconnects immediately" Tunnelblick developer 11/13/17
Current tunnelblick version sheri Dan 11/13/17
error: DNS not working, VPN not configured right, apparent public IP Jaqen Nki 11/12/17
Tunnelblick error message: DNS is not working, VPN not configured correctly - tried connecting the VPN with and without “set nameserver” selected but didn’t make a difference. Still getting the error message. Lee Williams 11/11/17
This computer's apparent public IP address (x.x.x.x) was unchanged after the connection was made Stephen Cicero 11/11/17
Tunnelblick over stunnel - connects but does not work Anton Kantsel 11/11/17
Tunnelblick Not Installing Correctly Nick Zolotko 11/9/17
username and password David Lombardi 11/9/17
automatic reconnect not working sheri Dan 11/9/17
After High Sierra upgrade, TB connection connects fine but can't access internet at all Tim Welch 11/5/17
Tunnelblick disconnecting after 4-5mins (Sierra, 3.7.1 and 3.7.2beta3) Jeff Johnson 11/5/17
Apparent Public IP address sheri Dan 11/4/17
Re: 3.7.4 missing scramble patches Tunnelblick developer 11/3/17
strange connect-problem with tunnelblick 3.7.4beta01 and macos 10.13 high sierra Ferdinand Fuchs 11/3/17
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