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Tunnelblick performing DDOS attack because of read-only or locked preferences (perhaps installed by an installer such as Munki / Autopkg) Tunnelblick developer 3:55 AM
Tunnelo only one application/port/ip ? Marco Piunti 1/18/18
Tunnelblick 3.5.21 does not seem to fetch OpenVPN SA account and password from PPC Mac OS X 10.5.8 Keychain Access Peter_...@freenet.de 1/18/18
OpenVPN connects, cannot route to Internet, SMB not working to internal servers, Intranet works Kirk Olson 1/17/18
How Can I Hide the tunnelblick menubar icon in Mac? Mohammed Bakri 1/14/18
Tunnelblick does not restore local DHCP DNS servers on disconnecting john.l...@yoti.com 1/12/18
Tunnelblick website problems; checking IP address, etc. Tunnelblick developer 1/11/18
GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE error after macOS High Sierra upgrade Jim Cienkus 1/11/18
Use certificates from Keychain Max® 1/11/18
error: DNS not working, VPN not configured right, apparent public IP Jaqen Nki 1/11/18
problem when checking apparent public ip adress anderson...@gmail.com 1/11/18
Login working in two locations but not one other with settings, OS, version, etc. all the same. Christian Day 1/10/18
authentication failed Adi 1/10/18
Tunnelblick starts each time I login, no option to disable this. jre 1/10/18
Request for feature hmolina 1/10/18
Method of displaying current DNS sheri Dan 1/9/18
data not pulled after connecting to server after high sierra upgrade rct...@gmail.com 1/8/18
IP address not changed after connection to Vetgear R9000 VPN Bradford Bosley 1/8/18
Connection to OpenVPN works, but needs 70 seconds and more for establishing niklas.n...@gmail.com 1/6/18
iOS style menu bar VPN icon rebelkn...@gmail.com 1/6/18
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