This group is for discussions about Tunnelblick, a free, ready-to-use Graphic User Interface (GUI) for OpenVPN on Mac OS X.

There is a separate, low-volume (infrequent mailings) Tunnelblick-Announce group which receives announcements of new releases and other news.

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"write to TUN/TAP : Input/output error (code=5)" when "route-gateway" skydre...@gmail.com 10/12/15
OpenVPN connection FAILS on my MAC after I had my modem replaced Felipe Garcia 10/10/15
os x Yosemite - 10.10.5 (14F27) - do not send DNS lookups gregory.k...@team.wrike.com 10/10/15
TB fails to start a second time Fernando Miguel 10/10/15
Could not start OpenVPN (openvpnstart returned with status #251) Everitt Long 10/7/15
Using "Keep connected" option prevents connecting to VPN when changing WiFi network dtom...@gmail.com 10/5/15
Unsupported "status" option Benjamin 10/4/15
Request: Do not require discrete graphics on MacBook Pro with dual graphics? cmt 10/4/15
key installation fails fails for OSX network accounts orwan...@gmail.com 10/3/15
Icon placement problems when Bartender is NOT installed jkbull...gmail.com 10/1/15
Mac Yosemite: menu icon issues on multiple screens when changing screen focus Jonathan Winters 10/1/15
Icon placement problems when Bartender is installed jkbull...gmail.com 10/1/15
Tunnelblick is connected to vpnbook but it doesn't change anything hamza....@gmail.com 9/30/15
Permanent error - Incorrect login or password k.vit...@vetriks.ru 9/30/15
Common credentials in tunnel blick wuch...@gmail.com 9/29/15
Split Tunnel on version 3.5.4 (build 4270.4395) to...@marketlive.com 9/28/15
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