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Re: Digest for - 2 Messages in 1 Topic teska10 4/18/11
Re: JohnTWB 4/17/11
Transits to President Obama's 7:24pm chart Ray Murphy 2/1/10
Good transits for dangerous situations Ray Murphy 9/17/09
Five databases Ray Murphy 9/15/09
Fw: JS2 problems Grammino 8/30/09
Pop singers and URA in Gauquelin Sector 1 Ray Murphy 8/28/09
Mar-Sat aspects for 3646 scientists Ray Murphy 8/28/09
Mystical and Mystical experiences Ray Murphy 8/22/09
Moon in Pisces for scientists Ray Murphy 8/21/09
Mars Effect for TV personalities Ray Murphy 6/15/09
Mars in 10th house Placidus (re-print) Ray Murphy 4/29/09
Mars in 10th house Placidus - who has it most? Ray Murphy 1/9/09
You need the right Diurnal MC to be U.S. President Ray Murphy 11/4/08
This group and 93 astrologers Axel 9/9/08
Text analysis of astrology books Ray Murphy 9/6/08
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Astrology Software Shop closed down Ray Murphy 8/21/08
Sun partners Axel 8/15/08
Re: Placidian and Gauquelin sectors Ray Murphy 4/27/08
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