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Social Action: 1/31-Defending the Ocean in AP/Film in Lincroft Sarah 1/30/16
Fwd: Show your love for the ocean! Join us Sunday to say NO to offshore oil drilling! Diane burke 1/29/16
Social Action: Films, Social Justice Workshop, and Farm/Gardening Conference Sarah 1/24/16
Social Action: civil/human rights meeting Thurs Sarah 1/20/16
Seed exchange, Tues Jan 19 10am, Freehold Tara Smith 1/16/16
Social Action: Report from Paris climate talks SUN 9 am Sarah 1/16/16
Social Action: March honoring Dr. King 1/15 noon and other events Sarah 1/14/16
Social Actions: Building Resilience- emotionally and financially Sarah 1/8/16
Reminder: film Sun, The US vs John Lennon + Oasis Farm open house Sarah 12/23/15
This morning: Dialogue on current events, Lincroft Sarah 12/13/15
Social Action film: The US vs John Lennon, 12/13 + Oasis Farm Holiday activities Sarah 12/9/15
Fwd: [NJfracking] Day of Action to Ban Fracking Waste Dumping Diane burke 12/8/15
Reminder: Transition film/discussion Wed. + upcoming Social Action film Sarah 12/1/15
Social Action: Transition film and discussions 12/2, RB Sarah 11/24/15
Social Action: Sat Green Actions/Sun Peace Action Sarah 11/19/15
Social Action: Racial justice meetings tonite/tomorrow, RB Sarah 11/18/15
Reminder: Sun.11/15, Social Action film: Wings of Life, 6 pm Sarah 11/14/15
Social Action: Seed Swap, Nov. 21/Request for Dec. film Sarah 11/14/15
OasisTLC garden dome tour 11/21 • 1-3PM WilL 11/11/15
Birds; invasive plants; and related stuff Bruce 11/8/15
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