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[Commentary] [USA] Sessions should know prosecuting hate crimes against transgender people isn’t enough Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [USA] Trans Advocates Won't Thank Sessions for a Hate Crime Prosecution Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [VA, USA] This Transgender Candidate Is Fending Off Attacks And Getting Support From A New Transgender PAC Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [GA, USA] Gender becomes a flashpoint for this college generation Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [UK] Schools advised on transgender inclusion Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [UK] Transphobic posters offer ‘gender-neutral dog walking’ in London Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [Pakistan] Only 1,456 transgender listed from 97.02 million voters in electoral rolls Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [Pakistan] Peshawar morgue ‘refuses’ to keep transgender’s body Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [Pakistan] Pakistan police recover brutally tortured body of transgender in Peshawar city Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News] [India] Over 30% transgender kids bullied at Delhi schools: Survey Stephanie Stevens 10/22/17
[News/People] [USA] Oct. 20, Marsha P. Johnson Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News/History] [USA] A brief history of the Pansy Craze – the beginning of LGBTQ nightlife Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [USA] Fact Check: Was a Transgender Woman Convicted of Sexually Assaulting a Young Girl in a Bathroom? Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [USA] Sessions Hints 'Religious Liberty' Guidance May be Used to Discriminate Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [USA] Prominent Chefs Oppose Baker in Major Gay Rights Case Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [VA, USA] Transgender woman barred from Busch Gardens for wearing a skirt Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News/Health] [PA, USA] Pa. Senate committee proposes ban on trans-related health care for children on CHIP Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [NJ, USA] Man pleads not guilty in transgender pepper-spray attack in Asbury Park Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [NC, USA] Advocates disagree about how sweeping Cooper’s transgender bathroom order would be Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
[News] [NC, USA] GOP Leaders Decry North Carolina Governor's LGBT Rights Deal Stephanie Stevens 10/21/17
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