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[Commentary] [USA] Trump administration amasses striking anti-LGBT record in first year Stephanie Stevens 6:37 AM
[News/Health] [USA] HHS moves again to enable anti-LGBT discrimination in health care Stephanie Stevens 6:37 AM
[News/Health] [USA] LGBTQ groups hit back at religious exemption for health care workers Stephanie Stevens 6:36 AM
[News/Health] [USA] Religious Right Loves 'License to Discriminate' in Health Care Stephanie Stevens 6:36 AM
[News] [USA] At least eight transgender recruits have applied to enlist in Air Force Stephanie Stevens 6:35 AM
[News] [WA, USA] Washington State Senate votes to ban conversion therapy Stephanie Stevens 6:34 AM
[News] [NH, USA] Transgender Patient: Secure Psychiatric Unit Is About Prison, Not Treatment Stephanie Stevens 6:33 AM
[News] [IL, USA] Judge may rule in District 211 transgender suit next week Stephanie Stevens 6:32 AM
[News] [IL, USA] Judge to decide next week on transgender student using girls' locker room Stephanie Stevens 6:32 AM
[News/Health] [UK] Progress for Wales' first transgender clinic 'unacceptable' Stephanie Stevens 6:31 AM
[News/Health] [UK] Trans people let down by ‘unacceptable’ progress for dedicated clinic in Wales Stephanie Stevens 6:31 AM
[News] [UK] Transgender woman sues over ordeal in male prison Stephanie Stevens 6:29 AM
[News] [UK] Trolls target trans people by donating to anti-transgender fundraiser in their name Stephanie Stevens 6:28 AM
[News] [UK] Labour facing pressure to block ‘self-identified’ trans women from standing on women’s shortlists Stephanie Stevens 6:28 AM
[News/People] [Hong Kong] How a Hong Kong transgender bodybuilder is fighting discrimination – with compassion Stephanie Stevens 6:27 AM
[News/People] [Hong Kong] Transgender lecturer in Hong Kong on her fight to be accepted by a conservative society, and her fear of the police Stephanie Stevens 6:26 AM
[Commentary] [Canada] The bizarre fight between feminists and trans activists shows we’re at war with reality Stephanie Stevens 6:26 AM
[News] [Canada] Chilliwack school board asks trustee to resign over comments about transgender children Stephanie Stevens 6:25 AM
[News] [Canada] Guide Outlines Accommodations for Transgender Students Stephanie Stevens 6:24 AM
[News] [Canada] Why won’t Vancouver police release their trans sensitivity training documents? Stephanie Stevens 6:24 AM
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