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[Commentary] [USA] Genital Fundamentalism: Exploring the un-Christian Roots of a “Christian” Belief Stephanie Stevens 6:06 AM
[Commentary] [USA] WoLF v. trans women and girls Stephanie Stevens 6:06 AM
[News] [USA] Media Should Note Common Denominator In Recent Wave Of Anti-LGBT Court Battles Stephanie Stevens 6:05 AM
[News] [USA] New Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Laws Requiring Transgender Individuals to Use Bathrooms Corresponding to Sex at Birth Rather than Gender Identity Stephanie Stevens 6:05 AM
[News] [USA] White House cagey on Title IX enforcement after court order Stephanie Stevens 6:04 AM
[News] [USA] Pistons' Reggie Bullock opens up about his murdered transgender sister Stephanie Stevens 6:04 AM
[News] [WI, USA] Central School Board sets policies on treatment of transgender students Stephanie Stevens 5:58 AM
[News] [WA, USA] Seahawks Stadium Chef Gets Crash Course In Respecting Transgender People Stephanie Stevens 5:58 AM
[News] [VA, USA] Virginia transgender woman fights for name change Stephanie Stevens 5:57 AM
[News/People] [UT, USA] Transgender resident says community has been supportive Stephanie Stevens 5:57 AM
[News] [TX, USA] ACLU calls foul on Paxton's transgender bathroom guidelines Stephanie Stevens 5:56 AM
[News] [NC, USA] Federal Judge Blocks "Bathroom Bill" for UNC Students, Faculty Stephanie Stevens 5:56 AM
[News] [NC, USA] University of North Carolina barred from enforcing HB2 Stephanie Stevens 5:56 AM
[News] [NC, USA] Federal judge says UNC can’t enforce North Carolina’s transgender bathroom restrictions Stephanie Stevens 5:55 AM
[News] [NC, USA] WATCH: Molestation victim pans transgender restrooms in powerful new ad Stephanie Stevens 5:54 AM
[News] [MN, USA] Family Council, Catholic Church: State Fair-goers should support GOP poll on banning on transgender people using the bathroom Stephanie Stevens 5:54 AM
[News] [MD, USA] Anne Arundel County Public Schools’ transgender policy under scrutiny Stephanie Stevens 5:53 AM
[News] [LA, USA] Big Freedia gets probation after unlawful use of Section 8 voucher Stephanie Stevens 5:52 AM
[News] [FL/GA, USA] Controversial pastor and activist Kenneth Adkins charged with child molestation in Brunswick Stephanie Stevens 5:51 AM
[News] [FL/GA, USA] Anti-gay pastor who said Pulse shooting was 'deserved' arrested for child molestation Stephanie Stevens 5:50 AM
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