Active Right of Way (AROW)

AROW is a community of advocates, activists, and professionals dedicated to safe, equitable and responsible use of the public right of way in Portland, Oregon.  AROW volunteers organize education, advocacy, and action campaigns to demonstrate public support for walking, biking, and transit improvements. @arowportland

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Fwd: 9/19 PAC Agenda S 9/18/17
Equity for low-income residents; Better biking/walking for all who use downtown Mary Vogel 9/18/17
Fwd: September's Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda S 9/8/17
Fwd: Annual PAC walking tour on 8/15 S 8/9/17
Fwd: August BAC Agenda S 8/2/17
7/18 PAC Agenda S 7/13/17
July's BAC meeting S 7/8/17
Comment to staff until 7/21: TSP Stage 3 Update S 6/19/17
6/20 PAC Meeting Agenda S 6/19/17
Fwd: Reminder: Division Transit Project Community Advisory Committee and Policy and Budget Committee meetings June 15, 2017 S 6/12/17
June's agenda for the Bicycle Advisory Committee S 6/9/17
What does the future hold for NW 13th Avenue? Reza Michael Farhoodi 5/26/17
Agenda for May's meeting of the Bicycle Advisory Committee S 5/4/17
April 18 PAC Agenda S 4/12/17
April's Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda S 4/7/17
The Salmonberry Trail: Spring Updates S 3/28/17
Outer Powell Safety Project Open house March 21 machiya 3/15/17
Fwd: Materials for March 14 PAC/BAC joint meeting S 3/10/17
The Big Jump - tripling biking in Gateway (Bike Lunch and Learn) Mr. Landia 3/9/17
Fwd: 2018 Regional Transportation Plan: Looking forward Allan Rudwick 3/3/17
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