Active Right of Way (AROW)

AROW is a community of advocates, activists, and professionals dedicated to safe, equitable and responsible use of the public right of way in Portland, Oregon.  AROW volunteers organize education, advocacy, and action campaigns to demonstrate public support for walking, biking, and transit improvements. @arowportland

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Portland Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda S 2/8/16
Fix Our Streets Portland Launch: Wednesday, 1/27, 2pm City Hall Aaron Brown 1/23/16
PBOT Safe Routes team is hiring Timo @ PBOT 1/20/16
PSU Traffic + Transportation Class 25th year reunion S 1/19/16
Thursday's Bike Lunch and Learn - Updating the Transportation System Plan - Thurs, Jan 21 Timo @ PBOT 1/19/16
Metro: Your thoughts on Transportation and Equity S 1/15/16
Powell-Division: 82nd Ave open house on Jan 11! Survey extended through Jan 15! S 1/6/16
January 2016 BAC Agenda S 1/6/16
Powell-Division: Weigh in on proposed BRT station locations (Dec 11-Jan 8) S 12/14/15
PAC Meeting - December 8th, 6pm - 8:30 S 12/3/15
Looking for a team for a long-term transportation video project Lillian Karabaic 11/18/15
next Bike Lunch and Learn: Smarter Biking through Data (Thurs, Nov 19) Timo @ PBOT 11/12/15
Portland Bike Advisory Committee monthly agenda S 11/10/15
Oct. 22 Transit Center sponsored Lunch and Learn: Community activism and transportation reform S 10/20/15
PAC: Agenda for October meeting - Oct 20th from 6 - 9pm (there's a subcommittee meeting) S 10/14/15
Of interest in Active Transportation - Sept 4, 2015 S 10/7/15
October's Bicycle Advisory Committee Agenda S 10/6/15
Vigil for Chris Chandler Soren Impey 9/28/15
2013-2014 bicycle count out S 9/25/15
Salmonberry Coalition to meet October 9th, 2015 in Buxton, OR S 9/24/15
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