Active Right of Way (AROW)

AROW is a community of advocates, activists, and professionals dedicated to safe, equitable and responsible use of the public right of way in Portland, Oregon.  AROW volunteers organize education, advocacy, and action campaigns to demonstrate public support for walking, biking, and transit improvements. @arowportland

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Fwd: March agenda S 3/7/18
Be an Ambassador! Spread the love of walking, biking and transit Timo @ PBOT 2/26/18
Fwd: February's BAC agenda S 2/8/18
2018 RTP engagement update - online survey now live through Feb. 17th S 1/19/18
Fwd: ACTION ALERT: The Rose Quarter Freeway is #NotAnImprovement S 1/12/18
Fwd: January 16 PAC Agenda S 1/11/18
Fwd: Bicycle Advisory Committee agenda for January S 1/6/18
Fwd: 12/19 PAC Agenda S 12/14/17
ACTION ALERT Congestion Pricing Ahead of Freeway Expansion Aaron Brown 11/26/17
Fwd: Community Input-Pedestrian Safety by George Middle SchoolI S 11/13/17
Fwd: Division Transit Project: Online open house live through Nov. 27 S 11/13/17
Fwd: Local enviro/leadership job opportunity Aaron Brown 11/12/17
Portland BAC agenda November 2017 S 11/8/17
Fwd: Portland's Pedestrian Advisory Committee S 11/6/17
Fwd: FW: Lincoln NG S 10/24/17
Live in northeast and interested in supporting transportation and housing projects? Luke Norman 10/11/17
Fwd: City's Bicycle Advisory Committee is seeking new members! S 10/9/17
Fwd: October 17 PAC Agenda (Joint PAC/BAC Meeting) S 10/6/17
Fwd: October's Agenda--NOTE CHANGE OF WEEK!!! S 10/6/17
Fwd: 9/19 PAC Agenda S 9/18/17
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