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Welcome to the "Terms of Service; Didn't Read" working group. see http://tosdr.org

Whenever you see something that's good or bad about a website from a consumer rights point of view, start a thread. You can start the subject line with [Good] or [Bad] if you want. From the moment it's posted on the mailing list, it becomes a data point. We will then add it in the overview below, with a link back to the thread.

Once we have a lot of data points, we will value the importance of each one, and get to a 'class A' .. 'class G' rating for each service. Just like energy labels for washing machines. Simple! :-)

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Please read the terms of contribution, they're short. http://tosdr.org/legal.html#contributor-terms
In short: Your contributions will be available under free and open licences: the CC BY-SA 3.0 or later and the GNU AGPL-3.0 or later.

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