Terms of Service; Didn't Read

Welcome to the "Terms of Service; Didn't Read" working group. see https://tosdr.org.

This mailing list is for general discussions about the project, and you're free to ask any question here.

For press enquiries, pease contact the admin team.

Previously, we used this mailing list for the general review process; we now switched to using https://edit.tosdr.org/, so if you would like to contribute review points, please submit them there.

We are a crowd-reading community, and everyone is free to participate and contribute. So instead of posting a request like "Please rate website X", you can just start review it yourself!

Whenever you see something that's good or bad about a website from a consumer rights point of view, submit it on  https://edit.tosdr.org/. We will then add it in the overview on https://tosdr.org (but please be patient because we currently have a big processing backlog). Once we have a lot of data points about a specific website or service, we will value the importance of each one, and get to a 'class A' .. 'class G' rating for each service. Just like energy labels for washing machines. This rating will then show up as information in our various browser plugins when a user visits that website. Simple! :-)

To Subscribe you can send an email to tosdr+subscribe@googlegroups.com

Please read the terms of contribution, they're short. http://tosdr.org/legal.html#contributor-terms
In short: Your contributions will be available under free and open licences: the CC BY-SA 3.0 or later and the GNU AGPL-3.0 or later.

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