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first step with torch Francois Struman 12:56 AM
Uniformly distributed continuous random numbers in closed interval [0, 1] vasg 10/23/16
Why outputs are replicated after model:forward ondifferent tensors ? sri phani krishna karri 10/23/16
cunn/ error: identifier "THCudaBlas_gemm" is undefined Raghuram Vadapalli 10/22/16
per-pixel multinomial logistic loss Tsatsin Petr 10/22/16
model:training() gives better results than model:evaluate() Kiran Vaidhya 10/22/16
Circular convolution in torch Pierre Wilmot 10/22/16
" Failed searching manifest: Failed fetching manifest" when luarocks install mnist (unknown) 10/22/16
Unwritable object <userdata> at <?>.callback.self.resnet.DataLoader.threads.__gc__ Alec Wang 10/22/16
Generating sine wave with LSTM: results not satisfactory Derk 10/21/16
Torch crashes (out of bounds) with 3D model when there is more than one Concat module involved Timo 10/21/16
Single return value for a sequence LSTM/RNN Tiago Trojahn 10/21/16
Is there anything different between saving models designed with nn and with nngraph? MKimiSH 10/20/16
Installation issue on macOS Sierra Anadyomene 10/20/16
why removing ffi dependency in torch/tds Pierre-Antoine Ganaye 10/20/16
Illegal Instruction Juan Sebastian Giraldo 10/20/16
setdefaulttensortype(torch.CudaTensor) bad practice? Yathindu Rangana 10/19/16
Reading, parsing and storing .txt files contents in Torch tensors efficiently Amir 10/19/16
Error Running Forward Pass AlexNet NeuroSurfer 10/19/16
Which GPU properly support torch.CudaHalfTensor? (fp16 computation) Ken Geonmin Kim 10/19/16
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