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Lower precision with GPU than GPU Chris Gll 9:12 AM
How to change L1Penalty weight during training Ganesh Venkatesh 8:53 AM
Using IntTensor result in faster GPU computational speed ? Rein Y. Wu 5:24 AM
ClassNLLCriterion weights for unbalanced dataset Sean Robertson 5:15 AM
Easiest way to compress output/input of / torch.load? Hugh Perkins 5:04 AM
Lua/Torch argument type checker alternatives to argcheck? Brandon Amos 5/5/16
fblualib install problems Seth Neiman 5/5/16
Question regarding writing a new module Ashutosh Singh 5/5/16
backpropagating gradient in a self-created nngraph module Gaurav Pandey 5/5/16
multi-label CNN implementation using many of loss function Samer Iskander 5/5/16
pa - PortAudio package Chris Gll 5/5/16
[] Error: could not find libfftw3 on your machine. (OS X) IWichakam 5/4/16
Installing mattorch -- torch-rocks not found Josh 5/4/16
Best way to load large video datasets? Trevor Fiez 5/4/16
Prediction Error for cudnn.SpatialCrossEntropyCriterion Sindy Löwe 5/4/16
Does nn automatically use multiple cpus? David C Cohen 5/4/16
Regarding "itorch._iopub socket not set" Adnan Qayyum 5/3/16
After reinstalling Torch and nn, still can't call nn.MV() Sure 5/3/16
Fully Convolutional Network in Torch (skip layer fusion) Jianxu Chen 5/3/16
Visualize higher layer of convnets James 5/3/16
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