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Saved trained model has empty gradients tensors Synchro 1/23/17
How to check if gradients of custom criterions are computed correctly? Synchro 1/23/17
Does Torch support Boolean Array Indexing? Sid 1/23/17
What is the difference between nn.NarrowTable and nn.SelectTable? Tasty Minerals 1/23/17
classification using best model gives strange results Gabriele Campanella 1/23/17
Torch hangs on call to clone from another GPU Achal Dave 1/22/17
I have been trying to install torch and am getting an error Kamlesh Jaiswal 1/21/17
nn error.(already install) (unknown) 1/19/17
cmdline problem with using booleans Afroze Ibrahim 1/19/17
Loading checkpoint crashes with "bad argument #2 to THStorage.c" Tasty Minerals 1/19/17
Feature Matching Criterion (from "Improved Techniques for Training GANs") Alexander Weiss 1/19/17
question about new an object in torch Mata Fu 1/19/17
Where to call getParameters when sharing weights ? Vighnesh Birodkar 1/18/17
Split the feature tensor Jamal 1/18/17
what's the difference between train mode and evalutation mode Mata Fu 1/18/17
cudnn reports all devices busy/unavailble; cunn is fine Justin Brody 1/18/17
Need guidance: LuaJIT vs. Lua 5.2 Suneil Berajawala 1/17/17
Batch normalization (gamma and beta parameters) Jamal 1/17/17
Fancy torch print output Fabrice Dugas 1/17/17
error in the use of nn.CAddTable and nn.ConcatTable Doo Wong 1/17/17
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