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I am not able to understand nn.LookupTable and its application saurabh vyas 6/24/17
No batchnorm or dropout, but different results when model:evaluate() than when model:training() Achkan Salehi 6/24/17
Install errors and fails while building THC files Matthew Baron 6/21/17
clarification regarding Module:getParameters() Yossi Biton 6/21/17
Initialising Forget gate bias in Lstm (unknown) 6/20/17
Subscribe messages from ROS for Torch/Lua cshort 6/20/17
Error on THNN.lua Fernando Fernandes Neto 6/19/17
Removing Bias from temporal convolution Gautam Pai 6/19/17
Can torch be installed on Scientific Linux? Igor Yakushin 6/17/17
Installation problem in redhat linux. VISHAL KUMAR 6/17/17
nan values for cudnn.SpatialCrossEntropyCriterion():cudaHalf() Konstantin Semyanov 6/16/17
nngraph intermediate feature maps varghese alex 6/16/17
Sending large images time to the GPU (unknown) 6/15/17
saving memory in forward() Mata Fu 6/14/17
Can't convert a model from CUDA with a nn.SpatialMaxPooling Ihor Menshykov 6/14/17
cifar-10 training crashed after few hours holgafreak 6/14/17
Convert nngraph model to nn model Ruppesh Nalwaya 6/14/17
cmdline problem with using booleans Afroze Ibrahim 6/13/17
Brand-new to using torch, trouble with installing Bat Man 6/13/17
Spatial Convolution versus Linear layers: what am I missing? Giubacchio 6/13/17
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