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Custom command line options is lost after service install Paul Durbin 7/2/14
Using ServiceController to Start/Stop service not working Marcia Cupery 6/25/14
Topshelf and Katana: A Unified Web and Service Architecture Wes McClure 6/4/14
Topshelf service not starting on windows server 2012. Heinrich Kollner 5/27/14
Topshelf server 2012 problems. Heinrich Kollner 5/27/14
Start run twice when implementing Autofac.IStartable Jason Hickey 5/8/14
the ServiceCustomCommand interface Escher4096 4/17/14
Using command line install username option not recognized David Woakes 3/25/14
HostLogger / EventLog source ... in log application 3/23/14
Log4Net Neil Edwards 3/21/14
Could not run rake script after pulling Nolan Egly 2/27/14
Prevent kids from stopping a Service hosted with TopShelf Jason Stevenson 2/26/14
sharing how I use PowerShell scripts with TopShelf for deployments using Octopus Jesse Beard 2/23/14
Article on Topshelf Wes McClure 2/22/14
Topshelf.Supervise on Johannes Hansen 2/19/14
Service not showing in Services.msc but shows in taskmgr under services tab Scott Danks 2/11/14
Unhandled exception does not stop service Johan Nilsson 2/3/14
How to configure "Allow service to Interact with the Desktop"? Jason Stevenson 1/24/14
AppDomain Shadow Copy Michael Daly 1/21/14
SetServiceName is limited to 25 chars Stuart O'Reilly 12/30/13
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