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Is TS Documentation out of date for version 4.0.3?? Delegate 'System.Func<ConsoleApplicationServer.HangfireWebServer>' does not take 1 arguments Raphi Levine 12/28/16
Can this be used in Windows Server 2012 R2 to kick off external applications (eg. Console apps) OCL 12/13/16
Deploying Topshelf'ed service > 3.2.0 with Octopus Peter Hageus 9/29/16
.NET Core support & version bump Travis Smith 7/31/16
Fail to install TopShelf using NuGet from VIsual Studio 2012 Renette Labuschagne 7/12/16
Access Denied error when debugging app in Visual Studio 2015 CodeWzrd 7/11/16
What's new in v4 ? David De Sloovere 5/26/16
I am not able to start the service through command prompt. I got error System.NullRederenceException: Object reference not set to be an instance of an object Rajamanickam Thangavel 5/14/16
.NET Core support Travis Smith 5/11/16
TopShelf running on Mono/Linux Paul W 5/10/16
Just upgraded to TopShelf 4.0.0 and had to role back.. Stewart Rogers 5/4/16
How to pass my own command line args John Simons 3/16/16
Shadow copy and automatic reloading when developing 2/4/16
how to restart a service periodically Krishna Desiraju 1/21/16
Winform Application not showing gui when started by TopShelf Scott Danks 1/19/16
Installing using sc.exe Taylor Johnson 1/13/16
Get service instance in BeforeStoppingService Zidad 12/22/15
Multiple services, access denied on start Phil Jones 12/2/15
Cannot start service on computer '.' Manuel Muñoz 12/2/15
ArgumentException - Process with an Id of XYZ is not running Scott McFadden 10/22/15
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