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Assembly hell - FileNotFoundException was unhandled 6:07 AM
How does logging work? James Peckham 8/26/15
Topshelf error using NServiceBus dpyeates 8/16/15
Return value of When* methods that take a HostControl dunkymole 8/12/15
Topshelf have different behavior when a start my service from services.msc muek 7/26/15
HostControl Restart not implemented Glenn Thomas Hvidsten 7/16/15
Rehab Service - Auto updating topshelf service Andrew Harry 7/13/15
Re: [topshelf-discuss] Showing a modal dialog box or form when the application is not running in UserInteractive mode is not a valid operation. Dru 7/2/15
How to pass my own command line args John Simons 6/22/15
Command line username and password to run the service as gregor suttie 6/8/15
XML Comments Drew Freyling 5/24/15
Prevent Service from Stopping when Running 4/28/15
Starting a service crashes on Windows 2008R2 server Christos Delivorias 4/20/15
Service Recovery Phillip Haydon 3/21/15
Topshelf service on server restart not started Philipp Hungerbühler 3/12/15
How do I modify the Password command line argument before installing the service Kobus Smit 3/11/15
Attach console to running service Matthew 3/3/15
Topshelf service crashes without writing log entry Philipp Hungerbühler 2/19/15
Re: [topshelf-discuss] Where are the ServiceConfigurator extension methods in version 3.1.1? Travis Smith 1/19/15
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