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"MyService.exe install" not performing installation of service Robert Wade 11/29/17
.NET Core support & version bump Travis Smith 11/6/17
I can't see my service in services page rmznbyk 1 10/31/17
Using Topshelf with console application with its own parameters... Andrew Kelly 10/25/17
Can this be used in Windows Server 2012 R2 to kick off external applications (eg. Console apps) OCL 10/25/17
Why a console application? Fredrik Arvidsson 10/25/17
Show me the code! In VB .Net Andrew Kelly 10/25/17
Topshelf have different behavior when a start my service from services.msc muek 10/13/17
Log4net working when Windows Server Service control working, but not when using the c:\service.exe start command Adam Schaible 10/12/17
TopShelf using Https TheNimbleCoder 9/12/17
Problem with removing service using topshellf on windows 10 build 1703 Irek G 8/9/17
Topshelf service automatically start after reboot Amjad Hussain 6/26/17
How are folks doing "evergreen" TopShelf apps on customer pcs? Josh Buedel 4/27/17
Restarting the service as standard user Milan Mihajlović 4/19/17
Schedule Manual Timer in Topshelf Nithya V 4/5/17
Multiple services of different types Adam McCrory 3/29/17
TopShelf NuGet Install fails Kevin Burton 3/14/17
Is TS Documentation out of date for version 4.0.3?? Delegate 'System.Func<ConsoleApplicationServer.HangfireWebServer>' does not take 1 arguments Raphi Levine 12/28/16
Deploying Topshelf'ed service > 3.2.0 with Octopus Peter Hageus 9/29/16
Fail to install TopShelf using NuGet from VIsual Studio 2012 Renette Labuschagne 7/12/16
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