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[SPIN] Overriding spl:Arguments in subclasses Martynas Jusevicius 2:06 AM
Converting SHACL constraints (sh:sparql) to SHACL templates Jack Hodges 8/26/16
QueryIterator exec error in Jack Hodges 8/23/16
SHACL ModelPrinter for JSON? Jack Hodges 8/23/16
automatically generate a new concept in another graph when creating a new concept using BIND... Jeroen Hamers 8/17/16
SHACL validation report from ModelConstraintValidator example - Questions Jack Hodges 8/15/16
Problem with sh:constraint definitions in TBC Jack Hodges 8/9/16
SHACL Validation Report? How? Jack Hodges 8/3/16
SWP JSON service to generate datatype, type, xml:lang for values of variables PaulaM 7/31/16
SHACL SPIN and JENA Jack Hodges 7/31/16
Usefullness of SPIN for my Use Case Richard Reuter 7/30/16
TopBraid v5.1.4.v201606 not working on Linux xerao 7/26/16
Incrementing counter PaulaM 7/24/16
TopBraid EVN Taxonomy Has Disappeared Michael Berger 7/20/16
Calling Function in Construct Rule gets slower with each execution of rule PatrickK 7/18/16
<swon:Comma/> PaulaM 7/15/16
SHACL and existing models Jack Hodges 7/13/16
Can't open file with .owl suffix Simon Cox 7/13/16
Examples of Topbraid spin api Naga Krishna 7/11/16
[SHACL API] sh:inverseProperty with sh:qualifiedValueShape Jim Balhoff 7/7/16
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