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Re: [topbraid-users] Constraining forms to use individuals of a particular class AND scheme. Irene Polikoff 10/12/17
How to register SHACL functions and make it available in SPARQL queries? Alex To 10/12/17
In TopBraid EDG, how to add new language tags to the existing drop-down list sanjeev devireddy 10/11/17
REST services for creating, importing data & updating a Taxonomy/Ontology sanjeev devireddy 10/11/17
Trying to trick TBC Maestro (and TBL) Steve Ray 10/9/17
TopBraid 5.4 Public Beta Announcement TopQuadrant 10/9/17
owl-shacl question Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 10/9/17
ANN: SHACL API 1.0.1 (now on maven central) Holger Knublauch 10/8/17
Composer 5.3 Linux : Unhandled event loop exception David Rouquet 10/2/17
shacl rules Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 10/1/17
File conversion from .ttl to .rdf format fails Rich Keller 9/27/17
How do I deploy sh:property? Gary Murphy 9/26/17
Loading web-based ontologies using content negotiation Rich Keller 9/24/17
Function to get name of server PaulaM 9/18/17
Specifying Range Types for a Property in a Form Steven Folsom 9/18/17
New to SHACL and TopBraid Composer questions Steven Folsom 9/11/17
HideIfEmpty for magic properties in customized SWA Forms Carl Burnett 9/11/17
my first shacl try Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 8/31/17
Calling math.js functions Michael Johnson 8/30/17
Modules listed in help reference not available (e.g. sml:ImportDirectoryWithTika) 8/29/17
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