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[SHACL API] apply SHACL shapes on jena model with triples Nicky van Oorschot 3:32 AM
EVN: Customizing forms with Spin templates Adam Kimball 10/24/16
Explorer Questions - How to administer it? Adam Kimball 10/12/16
Use of ui:setContext and ui:unionOfGraphs Adam Kimball 10/11/16
TBL and Allegrograph Semantics Matter 10/10/16
Add 3rd party inference engine support Pierluigi 10/6/16
ANNOUNCEMENT: Release of TopBraid 5.2.0 Pat Doyle 10/6/16
TopBraid 5.2 Public Beta Announcement Pat Doyle 10/2/16
Validating unintrusively a TripleStore Eugen Costezki 9/29/16
5.2 Beta on Macintosh? Jack Hodges 9/28/16
SHACL under 5.2 Jack Hodges 9/26/16
Jena rules 9/21/16
More SHACL 5.2 ++ Jack Hodges 9/21/16
Failed to importing an ontology from Protege into TBC 9/21/16
5.2 not starting Michel Böhms 9/15/16
TBC-ME Crash during 'Create restriction' operation Rich Keller 9/15/16
IRI syntax: first character after "#" Aqualung 9/14/16
Spin templates not found Adam Kimball 8/31/16
validation checking of SHAPES/SHEX constrints Don Rolph 8/30/16
sh:argument for sh:sparql - requirements? Jack Hodges 8/29/16
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