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Batch update on the OWL file with rdfs:label property Shreelakshmi G.M 3:37 AM
Need help in customizing widget Shreelakshmi G.M 5/21/15
Re: [topbraid-users] Convert spreadsheet columns to OWL (class/subclass) 5/20/15
RDF to CSV zoe 5/20/15
Import from xsd - was this broken in 4.4? Jack Hodges 5/19/15
Newbie question Gershon Pollatschek 5/19/15
Load Balanced Top Braid Live Barton Petersen 5/15/15
SPARQLMotion tutorial and issues arguscesus 4/30/15
TopBraid 4.6.3 Release Announcement Scott Henninger 4/30/15
AJAX call inside SPINx function 4/27/15
sufficient modelling Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 4/22/15
MAX automatically replaced by sp:Max J.REZZOUK 4/21/15
Using owl:deprecated Liana Kiff 4/21/15
Uploading files to the server using SWP Guilherme Scomparim 4/13/15
Updating .ttl in Top Braid Live Barton Petersen 4/10/15
[TBC] : how to show only properties with matching domains in forms ? David Rouquet 4/8/15
Debugging Sesame 2 repository connection error Rich Keller 4/7/15
Excluding specific subclasses from a spin rule,constraint...etc Nikolaos Beredimas 4/6/15
swpEdit service _base restrictions? Mark van Berkel 4/2/15
EVN: how to change the labels in Add Constraint dialog (Class Form) Lieke Verhelst 3/27/15
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