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Can't import ontologies from the web Simon Cox 8/16/17
spin tutorial 8/15/17
EDG 5.3.1 PaulaM 8/8/17
Clarification on calling a SPIN function Steve Ray 8/2/17
wikidata query SERVICE call warning Marco 7/29/17
swa:Objects and localization Adam Kimball 7/26/17
Corpora is not an option in EDG UI Semantics Matter 7/25/17
inherit property value from parent class 7/25/17
Setting Java memory Gary Murphy 7/24/17
How does EDG handle imported .ttl files with owl:Imports? Semantics Matter 7/19/17
URGENT: Cannot see project upload in EDG UI Semantics Matter 7/19/17
UUID not generated Andrei Aksenau 7/16/17
tbc ttl file questions Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 7/14/17
turtle support Bohms, H.M. (Michel) 7/12/17
Modeling a vocabulary as a user-defined type Paul Patrick 7/4/17
SHACL API release candidate (with command line utilities) Holger Knublauch 7/3/17
EVN defect: Non Roman characters have disintegrated sanjeev devireddy 7/3/17
"Display Slot" Dean 7/2/17
Getting tangled in XML parsing and encoding Steve Ray 7/1/17
Working copy storage Oleksandr Mandryk 6/22/17
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