Hello!  This is an announcement-only group for you to find out about upcoming lockpicking events in the Portland area.  You can expect two emails per month, with the occasional extra message for special events.  Check out the TOOOL site for more info, like what the heck this is all about.  There is also a calendar to keep track of all this fun stuff.  If you happen to post pictures from these events, please add the #TOOOL tag.  Thanks!

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Picking locks in May, as a team Kenny McElroy 5/21/15
Next Workshop This Thursday at CTRL-H Allen Grimm 4/14/15
Workshop at Ctrl-H this Thursday + OMSI After Dark Allen Grimm 3/18/15
Next Workshop This Thursday, 7p. New Location! Allen Grimm 2/17/15
Next Workshop: Jan 15th at FreeGeek Allen Grimm 1/12/15
Next Workshop: 12/18 at FreeGeek, plus something new! Kenny McElroy 12/16/14
Next Workshop: 11/20 at FreeGeek Allen Grimm 11/18/14
Next Workshop: 10/16 at FreeGeek Allen Grimm 10/13/14
Next meeting/playtime in SE Portland: September 18th, 2014 Kenny McElroy 9/16/14
Next meeting/playtime in SE Portland: August 21st, 2014 Kenny McElroy 8/19/14
Next Meeting / Playtime 7/17 @ The Green Dragon Allen Grimm 7/16/14
Next Meeting/Playtime: 6/19 at Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Allen Grimm 6/18/14
Changed Plan: Meet at Green Dragon for drinks and locks. Still 5/15. Allen Grimm 5/12/14
Next Meeting/Playtime: Thursday 5/15 at FreeGeek Allen Grimm 5/12/14
Let's meet for drinks tomorrow Allen Grimm 4/18/14
Come Play! Allen Grimm 4/5/14
2 Year Anniversary Meeting - This Saturday, April 5th, 1-5p at Flux Hackerspace! Allen Grimm 4/3/14
Next meeting/playtime in SE Portland: March 20, 2014 Allen Grimm 3/12/14
Hillsboro meetings and our 2-year anniversary. Allen Grimm 2/26/14
Next Meeting/Playtime: Thursday Feb 20, 2014 at FreeGeek. Allen Grimm 2/17/14
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