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Done Cameron Byrne 5/21/15
Groupon can't be accessed with IPv6 John Navas 11/24/14
MMS failures with 3rd party app (TextSecure) on IPv6 APN when connected to WiFi. Kai Krueger 9/26/14
T-Mobile IPv6-only APN Android clients and incoming UDP packets Max Wagner 7/19/14
IPv6 default on android 4.4 ... TJ 4/7/14
IPv6 seems to be ok after 4.3 update for SGS4. WB2FLW 11/26/13
IPv6 default on android 4.4 ... TJ 11/6/13
News: Percentage of Web requests using IPv6 by mobile operating system frnkblk 8/20/13
Strange issues with S4 with IPv6 modes Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ) 8/17/13
OT: Samsung Galaxy S4 WiFi IPv6 problem. WB2FLW 6/27/13
Clatd on the Samsung Galaxy S4 WB2FLW 6/26/13
IPv6 over EDGE? Samat Jain 6/4/13
Samsung Galaxy S3 updated to 4.1.2 seems to have fixed IPv6. WB2FLW 5/14/13
IPv6 on the Samsung Galaxy S4. WB2FLW 5/14/13
IPv6 on the S4? WB2FLW 5/8/13
Samsung Galaxy Nexus: IPv6 only Trevor Sullivan 4/30/13
Don't update the GS3 to Jellybean 4.1 if you like IPv6 Cameron Byrne 4/23/13
Mobile IPv6 on iPhone 5? Conan Kudo (ニール・ゴンパ) 4/8/13
Xabber breaks on IPv6 Andrew Egeler 4/8/13
New defaults to IPv4? Milan Milanovic 3/26/13
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