Tincr for Chrome Devtools

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Hash in url causes refresh loop thykka 11/22/13
Not working with local file urls with bash updated file? Brad 11/18/13
autosave not working Ricardo E. Berdejö Mora 11/6/13
Tincr doesn't seem to save changes Met Dev 11/6/13
chrome autosave Jerry Loterio 11/6/13
Adding support to modify local files while browsing on an externally hosted version Luis A. Gomez 9/24/13
Any ideas why Chrome store says it's not supported on my computer? Aaron Powers 9/17/13
How can i set auto reload on a directory? Mike Nelson 8/15/13
Tincr for Django Based project Madhu Sudhan 8/15/13
Refresh infinite cycle after manual reload aristidesfl 7/29/13
Tincr keeps saving the files Tom Roshko 7/23/13
what version of chrome is compatatible for Tincr?? dh...@scloudlab.com 7/19/13
Tincr is Forgetting configurations when I close and reopen inspector window Alex Giannis 7/18/13
Next version of Tincr coming soon. Ryan Ackley 7/14/13
Bug: Leaving empty lines on css files Alex Giannis 7/13/13
Auto Refresh not working properly Alex Giannis 7/13/13
file rename in NPAPI-chrome-file-api Ugg Rock 7/13/13
Re: Abridged summary of tincr-for-ch...@googlegroups.com - 6 Messages in 1 Topic Christian Leon Christensen 7/10/13
tincr is not available through chrome marketplace? na sorry 6/24/13
auto refresh html? Joe McDonald 5/24/13
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