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Tincr 2.2 released with possible fix for browse button problems (thank you Jan Nicklas) Ryan Ackley 3/1/15
Read this if you are suffering from an infinite refresh cycle when using Tincr Ryan Ackley 11/22/13
ATTN: Read this first if the browse button is not working Ryan Ackley 7/13/13
How to remove "No file chosen" on Chrome browse button rex...@gmail.com 5/27/17
My HP 2542 is an all in one printer Wifi and e print so apple and google can print. WiFi printer group 7/1/16
file:// not working for me Dan Jones 5/29/16
[Bug] Browse Button Does NOT Working Chrome 42 OSX Aero Windwalker 5/26/15
How is Tincr working internally? Muhammad Aref 2/25/15
Project type : choose is disabled! Ephraim Raj 2/22/15
browse button doesn't work Carlos Cabral 1/15/15
Welcome to the Tincr community Ryan Ackley 1/7/15
Tincr Browse Button Does Not Work Nazmul Swapan 12/19/14
Re: Tried to install Tin.cr from store, but won't install. Ryan Ackley 12/5/14
Tincr saving stopped saving CSS dan bibby 10/30/14
This application is not supported on this computer. Installation has been disabled. Maurice de Beijer 10/20/14
Auto-save disabled when Auto-Refresh disabled Tim Shnaider 10/8/14
Using with CMS (Concrete 5) toby leeming 9/2/14
YouTube thumbs up color. Ranpo Eng 7/18/14
Browse button doesn't popup a window to browse on latest Chrome with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Mark 6/12/14
How do I know if it's YOUR extension the one saving the files? Sergio Zambrano 5/17/14
it it possible to save changes on remote host? Guillaume 2/3/14
Tincr doesn't save files Martin Finke 1/18/14
changes to .html files are ignored Marius Andreiana 1/18/14
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