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Info/ Examples of uninstall hook in distutils2 Radha Krishna Srimanthula 3/7/13
pumazi 1/23/13
packaging in or out of 3.3? Marcus Smith 11/26/12
plan to participate GSOC2012 ? higery 3/22/12
Is distutils2 at a beta level? amcnabb 3/21/12
distutils2 and the "develop" command kristian kvilekval 3/21/12
Removing support for old Python versions merwok 3/13/12
extensions project and packaging/distutils qwcode 2/27/12
PyCon US 2012 poster on distutils2/packaging Nick Wilson 2/3/12
Plugin support for d2/packaging Alex Grönholm 12/14/11
Does distutils2/packaging support building shared libraries? Bill Janssen 12/12/11
Support for 'requires-python'? Martin Wendt 10/9/11
installing modules under another project's top-level namespace Carl Meyer 9/28/11
Thoughts about the implementation of pysetup merwok 9/17/11
Improving packaging -> distutils backwards compatibility Erik Bray 9/5/11
renaming imports Tarek Ziadé 6/25/11
Question about the 'develop' command higery 6/24/11
Trading Pizza and Beer for Tutoring on Python WebApps @ Montreal lrojas 6/16/11
issue10946 - ask for some advices on testing Wojciech Wojtyniak 6/13/11
test command with dist-info and resources pumazi 6/9/11
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