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Welcome to the discussion list for Apache Tephra (incubating) users and developers!  Tephra provides globally consistent transactions on top of Apache HBase.

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[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-74) Replication of transaction state Iris Cask 12/11/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-174) Add support for CDH 5.7 Iris Cask 4/25/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-159) Optimize read-only client Iris Cask 4/25/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-175) Support HBase 1.2 Iris Cask 4/15/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-174) Add support for CDH 5.7 in Tephra. Iris Cask 4/14/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-173) TransactionAwareHTable should use Table instead of HTableInterface Iris Cask 3/30/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-153) Status for transaction manager reports as running through CLI when down Iris Cask 3/7/16
[ANNOUNCE] Tephra has been accepted into Apache Incubator poorna 3/7/16
[ANNOUNCE] Tephra 0.7.0 Release poorna 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-99) Make "long running" transactions usable with TransactionContext Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-136) TransactionContext should have a method to flush changes Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-137) TransactionExecutor should allow to specify a Supplier<TransactionContext> Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-138) Improve change set computation for row and column family deletes Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-139) Fix warnings in source code Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-141) Reconcile TransactionId v/s Write Pointer usages Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-145) Reduce code duplication across hbase-compat modules Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-146) Document that family max versions is required to be greater than one Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-147) Deprecate TransactionLogReader's next(TransactionEdit reuse) method Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-148) Storage, TransactionLog UnitTests should not depend on a specific version of the SnapshotCodec Iris Cask 2/19/16
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-171) Remove dependency on guava-13 classes in Tephra client service Iris Cask 2/19/16
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