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New project for Infrastructure created in Cask's Issue Tracker priyanka 6/9/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-124) SecondaryIndexTable should implement TransactionAware Iris Cask 8/27/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-121) "SNAPHOT" mis-spelling in two constants Iris Cask 8/26/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-102) Support HBase 1.1.0 Iris Cask 8/26/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-105) Add HBase 1.1 compatibility module Iris Cask 8/26/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-123) Update github readme and tephra.io for hbase 1.1 support Iris Cask 8/26/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-122) SnapshotCodecV4 is not serializing checkpoint write pointers. Iris Cask 8/25/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-120) Add a smoke test to demostrate client usage and test cluster setup Iris Cask 8/12/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-119) TransactionEditCodecV4 not getting used in deserialization Iris Cask 8/12/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-106) Make timestamp multiplier configurable per table Iris Cask 8/11/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-66) TransactionServiceClient hangs on canCommit() when change set is huge Iris Cask 8/11/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-115) Deadlock in PooledClientProvider Iris Cask 8/11/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-118) Tephra should require Java 7 Iris Cask 8/10/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-117) Allows removal of TransactionAware from TransactionContext Iris Cask 8/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-61) Add documentation on obtaining a TransactionSystemClient Iris Cask 8/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-51) Expose metrics for timed out transactions and conflicts Iris Cask 8/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-50) Define Tephra semantics with raw scans Iris Cask 8/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-45) Support empty values in HBase 0.98+ Iris Cask 8/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-116) Defensively check for null fields in transactions serialized with older thrift classes Iris Cask 7/31/15
[ANNOUNCE] Tephra 0.6.0 Release Gary Helmling 7/24/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-104) Explicitly set timestamp on Tephra's delete family markers Iris Cask 7/24/15
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