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Welcome to the discussion list for Tephra users and developers!  Tephra provides globally consistent transactions on top of Apache HBase.

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New project for Infrastructure created in Cask's Issue Tracker priyanka 6/9/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-151) Proposal for Apache Incubation for Tephra Iris Cask 11/26/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-150) Tephra Guava version Iris Cask 11/23/15
Running Tephra on Kerberized environment adam.d...@bigdatapartnership.com 11/20/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-99) Make "long running" transactions usable with TransactionContext Iris Cask 11/12/15
[ANNOUNCE] Tephra 0.6.3 Release poorna 11/6/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-143) Delete marker cells from existing data should be treated as regular cells Iris Cask 11/6/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-134) Allow returning multiple versions in Scan Iris Cask 11/6/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-89) Allow converting existing tables to use transactions Iris Cask 11/6/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-145) Reduce code duplication across hbase-compat modules Iris Cask 11/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-95) Allow running long running transactions with TransactionExecutor or transaction context Iris Cask 11/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-41) Refactor TransactionStateStorage into read-only and writable versions Iris Cask 11/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-133) When the final transaction edit log is not cleanly closed, Tephra should be able to recover Iris Cask 11/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-149) Do not preserve attributes for Tephra delete markers in TransactionProcessor Iris Cask 11/5/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-133) When the final transaction edit log is not cleanly closed, Tephra recovery should handle it Iris Cask 11/3/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-142) Implement a deadlock proof, resource leak proof transaction client provider Iris Cask 11/3/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-132) ThriftRPCServer can hang when primary transaction service loses leadership Iris Cask 11/3/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-148) Storage, TransactionLog UnitTests should not depend on a specific version of the SnapshotCodec Iris Cask 11/2/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-147) Deprecate TransactionLogReader's next(TransactionEdit reuse) method Iris Cask 11/2/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-141) Reconcile TransactionId v/s Write Pointer usages Iris Cask 11/2/15
[ISSUE] (TEPHRA-135) Delete should preserve attributes Iris Cask 11/2/15
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