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WiFi scanning (near and connected) seems to be pretty inaccurate after 8.1 Tony B. 12/17/17
Android 8.1 notification icon not hidden Rob Monroe 12/16/17
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 12/10/17
Alarm Clock Event - not working MisoM 11/19/17
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 8/16/17
Problems With Tasker 5.0, Start Here Pent 7/27/17
Power on alessandro bertini 3:37 AM
User interface consistency YY-YY-YY1 2:36 AM
It took me 3.5 years to figure out how to do something useful with Tasker Judah Richardson 2:14 AM
Voice Command doesn't bring assistant on Android TV / nVidia Shield Fábio Neves 2:04 AM
Call overriding Do Not Disturb mode but not ringing. sain...@gmail.com 12/17/17
Problem with battery info Riku 12/17/17
Tasker on Gear S3 Łukasz Kowalczyk 12/17/17
Launch Google Music playlist Altay Hunter 12/17/17
scene guidance, please John W. 12/17/17
Tasker to receive calls? Vicky Lahkar 12/16/17
Cannot import project Hugo de Graaf 12/16/17
iPack icons Dr. Shajul 12/16/17
Scenes: collapse nav bar Phil Bilton 12/16/17
Near cell exit false exit Robert Koza 12/16/17
Create app that starts on boot (without tasker installed) Paulo Fernando 12/16/17
Tasker full screen scene does not take up the whole screen. JD 12/16/17
Launch & Kill app Raivo Kask 12/16/17
I removed all Google sniffing tools from my phone iglin...@gmail.com 12/16/17
WiFi Connected and Near Not Working, Pixel OG, 8.1.0 Brian Bostwick 12/16/17
Would Tasker help with this use case? Wen Chuang 12/15/17
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