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Tasker 4.7b3+ Pent 3/28/15
Error 504 Navid Sogaro 3/23/15
System launcher crash, black screen from unknow bug Marios Mesaritis 2/26/15
Music Play Loop / Lollipop Mark J 2/3/15
"Mobile Data" action not working on Nexus 5 and Android 5.0 KUAL 2/3/15
HTC One M7 - Lollipop - Cell Radio Setting Not Working Fireye 1/20/15
Can't install tasker on Lollipop Kyle Ruggles 1/1/15
Shake event does not work Guoqing Li 3/28/15
Use Tasker to forward sms to non specified number Hassanuddin Kasim 3/28/15
Calendar Event Not All Day Scott S 3/28/15
OR operator with variable search Mike Wild 3/28/15
Crashing Google play Services using Smart lock Dirk Burgdorf 3/28/15
Best way to detect you're home...? IconBoy 3/28/15
Write binary from javascript Danielo515 3/28/15
Interactions with multiple visible scenes possible? Rob 3/28/15
I have a Droid Maxx and can't set up some simple tasker programs Dale Weingartner 3/28/15
Trigger an event seconds bevore the screen goes off Uwe 3/28/15
Javascript return into variable frederico allan 3/28/15
an error while finishjng exporting a task Wael Mohamed 3/28/15
tasker fcs on webview pfannoholiker 3/28/15
Can Tasker power down (switch off) my Andriod phone when "external power" is lost? steen malmberg 3/28/15
Task not working when exported to app Danielo515 3/28/15
Problem with cell towers Steve L. 3/28/15
Trigger "Power: Any" doesn't seem to be working on low power USB adapter Brian M 3/28/15
Need some help with Tasker intents. Not sure what to put where. Tim W 3/27/15
Silent Mode to deactivate profile Reginald Booker 3/27/15
HTTP Get Error .. reloaded Nick77 3/27/15
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