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System launcher crash, black screen from unknow bug Marios Mesaritis 6/13/15
Error 504 Navid Sogaro 6/12/15
"Mobile Data" action not working on Nexus 5 and Android 5.0 KUAL 6/10/15
Can't install tasker on Lollipop Kyle Ruggles 6/4/15
Music Play Loop / Lollipop Mark J 4/11/15
HTC One M7 - Lollipop - Cell Radio Setting Not Working Fireye 1/20/15
Best way to detect you're home...? IconBoy 4:02 PM
How to delete elements behind elements Saad Thahim 2:15 PM
Tasker and current notification abilities on Android 4.4 and 5.x Kurt Kaufman 1:37 PM
Tasker's Capabilities. Can it do this? Paul Goodman 1:06 PM
alert if tablet isn't charging after 15 mins marklyn3500 12:49 PM
Can't automatically turn on WIFI, keeps asking for permission. supergipas 12:27 PM
Open app by package name Ger PG 7:19 AM
How to abort a task which is triggered by Unread Text state (notifications for unread messages) Dalibor Čarapić 6:44 AM
App Creation - Bundling Linked files other than images Benjamin Trinh 4:19 AM
Tasker no longer working John Ray 2:14 AM
tasker not working properly on HTC One M9 Stuart Onley 2:00 AM
5.0 Change Thom Little 6/29/15
Ping Plug In for Tasker John Steele 6/29/15
Need Help Please! Need New Tasker 101 Tutorials Please. jason65r 6/29/15
Need access to settings for different operating system versions Steve Rothkin 6/29/15
Question to Pent) keystore validity Jay K 6/29/15
Date picker in a scene Richard Wallace 6/29/15
Exception rule חן אנגל 6/29/15
Mobile Data not working on Galaxy S6 Edge d.mats...@gmail.com 6/29/15
Sending SMS to multiple contacts above 160 characters TheoryFighter 6/29/15
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