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Tasker Beta 5.0b3+ Pent 10:20 AM
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 4:34 AM
task launches Pandora as side-effect John Eldredge 7:27 PM
device bootup profile not run on Tasker 5.0b5 John Eldredge 7:12 PM
Restore Settings doesn't work Art 12:47 PM
Tasker & App Factory beta 5.0b5m, long-press 7.1 shortcuts Zekrifon 6/25/17
Time Tempel anneke 6/25/17
Sent sms not stored in the messaging APP marin zwetkow 6/25/17
Nvidia Shield TV - not recognized, only trial Martin Svozil 6/25/17
feature request: set wallpaper continue after error Dave 6/25/17
Tasker randomly completely doesn't work anymore mizuya 6/25/17
Toggle Power button instantly locks security setting Rich Belthoff 6/24/17
OCR help Brandon C 6/24/17
Behaviour I don't understand, odd entries in Run Log Oliver G. Parker 6/24/17
Modify HTML with Javascript in a webview M V 6/24/17
Video Pause/Play Fhx 6/24/17
Beta does not allow full color icons in notifications Duck Redbeard 6/24/17
Automated restoration of Tasker backup data Duck Redbeard 6/24/17
[REQUEST/SHARE] Proper App Shortcuts icons for Tasker v5.0 Rod 6/24/17
[How To] Include file in exported app, and install on SD Card Darryl Zaldin 6/24/17
Task to long press volume down droopie 6/23/17
Dynamic variable name John Loh 6/23/17
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