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why the new API for writing to external SD card is a pain for developers stere...@yahoo.com 4/17/16
"Mobile Data" action not working on Nexus 5 and Android 5.0 KUAL 3/28/16
Tasker unable to write external SD card on Marshmallow ? Michael White 3/25/16
Can't launch Tasker, stuck at the Disclaimer page unistein 1/16/16
System launcher crash, black screen from unknow bug Marios Mesaritis 1/5/16
Error 504 Navid Sogaro 11/26/15
Can't run shell commands on new Marshmellow install T Magritte 10/28/15
Can't install tasker on Lollipop Kyle Ruggles 10/9/15
HTC One M7 - Lollipop - Cell Radio Setting Not Working Fireye 1/20/15
Tasker not starting after reboot Oli Wally 9:43 PM
Auto Brightness Android 6 Johnnye Nelson 9:17 PM
Scroll down notification area on unlock, when notifications are present Ynk H 8:30 PM
Mobile network tester & Tasker Dominik Prekschl 8:02 PM
Tasker doesn't start tasks at all on my phone Werner M. 7:57 PM
Alternative to Secure Settings? My-kl 4:23 PM
Selecting an autocomplete Allo 4:20 PM
Using Wi-Fi as exit trigger when connection can momentarily drop Mulan 4:01 PM
Wrong end date on "create appointment" action Hannes 3:06 PM
javascriptlets do not work anymore Zoltan Fazekas 1:27 PM
Looking to keep notice persistent if I don't see/hear it. f k 11:19 AM
Where / How is the file downloaded in response to a HTTP Post request? Varun Jain 8:20 AM
Timed profile keeps setting next alarm Jon Bray 1:12 AM
Event for when text-to-speech finishes reading? Victor Salamon 12:11 AM
What have YOU done with Tasker? beardedholmes 4/28/16
Corrections to Music file skip (next) Me z 4/28/16
Plug in error code Morgan Young 4/28/16
checking if music is playing? Phil 4/28/16
Delete app settings on uninstall, for a tasker-made app? Victor Salamon 4/28/16
App factory with javascript alex f 4/28/16
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