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Last Day Of Tasker Sale Pent 8/18/17
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 8/17/17
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 8/16/17
Problems With Tasker 5.0, Start Here Pent 7/27/17
Device administrator crashes settings Peter Bongé 5:12 PM
Oral B Toothbrush - BT Daniel Butun 5:01 PM
%CNUM and %CNAME empty and won't update Der Kiesel 4:21 PM
Rotate Chris 3:38 PM
Feature Request: Add Calendar as an Event Scott 1:56 PM
Cloning Profile Bug Martin Schlender 7:28 AM
Checking for all Calendar Events Scott 7:25 AM
Location based Task not running John Caldwell 4:47 AM
Help with automating my Wifi Mac Changer App Sjcali 8/18/17
2 Bugs Report SimonBG 8/18/17
Problems to activate a perfil xpvision 8/18/17
Battery Full Notification Gibbo 8/18/17
matching email address in contacts Scott Miller 8/18/17
Alarm executed event does not work after last android update. Gaspar Canavesio 8/18/17
I can't choose USB Tether Masayoshi SEGAWA 8/18/17
Bug on Tasker Perf - Lock code R S 8/18/17
No Profile which triggers when device gets locked Anees Ahmed 8/17/17
Entity: Error: getName: Task: not set Tim Vanduren 8/17/17
Adding a profile looks strange in theme "dark" Andreas Kaiser 8/17/17
Project Export crashes Raph 8/17/17
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