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Tasker Beta 5.1.8b joaomgcd 5/21/18
Direct-Purchase Users: Upgrading to Tasker 5.0+ Pent 5/21/18
Big News: Tasker Ownership Changed Pent 5/13/18
Android 8.1 notification icon not hidden Rob Monroe 5/11/18
Plugins Not Working Problem Pent 5/3/18
WiFi scanning (near and connected) seems to be pretty inaccurate after 8.1 Tony B. 3/13/18
Tasker upgrade broke Run Shell (Error: 134) Sal Lusso 8:00 PM
Play random song but not repeated :help Viki Malik 7:35 PM
How do I view all tasker notifications? Robert Yung 7:33 PM
Run a task alternately Viki Malik 7:27 PM
Can't get a Menu scene to render layout as expected Sal Lusso 5:00 PM
Can profile state change while enter task is running? Robert Yung 4:26 PM
Is there any guides about plugugins with multiple actions Angarato Surion 4:21 PM
How do I change the Quick Settings Tiles icons? Robert Yung 3:50 PM
Can I set Battery Level context thresholds to variables? Robert Yung 1:42 PM
Android 8.1 and Cell Near Scott Leighton 12:34 PM
Tasker Beta 5.1.3b joaomgcd 9:32 AM
Pause/play intent for vlc player Viki Malik 7:55 AM
Problem with Open Map action Dale Smith 7:37 AM
Turn off screen or turn off VPN after screen off Ryan Mystique 5:45 AM
Quick settings task on locked screen without entering pin/schema (no root) Bouts 12:49 AM
Notification colour Rahul apps 5/21/18
Images/Icons when switching/upgrading device Alexander Graetz 5/21/18
external SD (microSD) changed, now Tasker can't access N Mok 5/21/18
DND Vibrate on Oreo? Bryan Moore 5/21/18
Apps in application context picker that aren't really installed Duck Redbeard 5/21/18
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