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Can't run shell commands on new Marshmellow install T Magritte 7/13/16
"Mobile Data" action not working on Nexus 5 and Android 5.0 KUAL 5/5/16
Can't launch Tasker, stuck at the Disclaimer page unistein 1/16/16
Error 504 Navid Sogaro 11/26/15
Can't install tasker on Lollipop Kyle Ruggles 10/9/15
HTC One M7 - Lollipop - Cell Radio Setting Not Working Fireye 1/20/15
please create forum on g+ Thala Raja Cse 4:25 AM
Getting all info from a broadcast intent Greg 4:24 AM
Stop Audio Play After Call Isaac (Ike) Gremmer 7/29/16
Forum Disappearance Pent 7/29/16
Using external SD Pent 7/29/16
Record a single tap event easiuser 7/18/16
Control menu in scene Andrew Ostler 7/18/16
Material Light and Dark icon packs Martien Oranje 7/18/16
Easy Tasker Import Robert Ryan 7/18/16
Feature Request - Action Enable/Disable Run Log Scott Almond 7/18/16
Surprise! New Feature Pent 7/18/16
Help needed to activate GPS via long press. BNB 7/18/16
Tasker Backup: manually vs automatically No Way 7/18/16
Run Shell in Tasker (40+ run shell commands) Matt 7/17/16
Tasker not correctly recognizing %CELLSIG seth.feinberg 7/17/16
Variable time in TIme profile? bmp 7/17/16
Alert->Flash on MIUI bmp 7/17/16
Any way to detect if Location Services enabled? Steven Rollason 7/16/16
Recheck if profile still active Gregory Chin 7/16/16
Automation of Solar Tubes Performance Jim Novack 7/16/16
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