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Wayland support on Linux Bigger 9/14/17
disable client dual monitor when synergy is on Sarth Frey 9/13/17
2.0 Beta B_Tart Tarr 9/12/17
New user - do I need monitors on each computer? Tony Gilbert 8/19/17
Re: [synergy] Synergy not working after purchase! Xinyu Hou (Jerry) 8/4/17
Synergy 1.7.3 - WARNING: failed to connect to server. Timed out Luke C 7/6/17
Payment process Robin 6/26/17
OSX WARNING: failed to connect to server: Connection was refused Chung Hei Ho 6/26/17
macoOS: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000608000600000 Aleš Hribar 6/14/17
2 Windows 10 Machines, network issues. Will not work... Daniel Argyle 5/18/17
Synergy 1.7.6 on Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian Jessie) Damien Di Vittorio 4/24/17
i have trouble with using synerygy, please help me. 허승일 4/20/17
no response after clicking Kan Liu 4/18/17
Synergy refuses to connect when my client connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN Miss Dusty 4/14/17
skip non existing clients in layout Roland Haas 4/12/17
Error SSL: 140770FC. Using El capitan OSX (as a server) and CentOs6.7 as a client. Rodrigo Perea 4/2/17
"Am I Unhappy?" Email Scott TheOzoneGuy 3/31/17
[need help] middle button emulation doesn't work with macos (server) and ubuntu (client) masahide seki 3/30/17
Shift key on client not working (1.4.18), server recently upgraded to WIN10 Ed L 3/29/17
Run Win7 and Mint at the same time with synergy? Jake Whalen 3/27/17
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