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version 2 Bigger 11/13/17
openSUSE installation issues - nothing provides Robert Munteanu 11/10/17
Synergy 2 configuration? Jonathan Bernard 11/2/17
Synergy 1.8.8. Crach in Macosx Sierra 10.12.6 after sleep Tiago Costa 10/25/17
Unsure how to Drag/Drop Files Between Systems VyleKyle 10/25/17
Synergy 1.8.8 Mac as server not working Thomas Josseau 10/24/17
Synergy and non-us keymaps Þór Sigurðsson 10/22/17
Lack of customer service Michael Nadler 10/16/17
Synergy 2 On Linux Sean McCully 10/16/17
Where does my data goes when I'm using Synergy 2 Beta - Security Felix Köhler 10/13/17
Synergy refuses to connect when my client connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN Miss Dusty 10/11/17
Wayland support on Linux Bigger 10/11/17
2.0 Beta B_Tart Tarr 10/9/17
Synergy2 Beta requirements Censored Steph 10/9/17
Does Synegy v2.0 beta 4 work? Michael Nadler 10/3/17
About Synergy 2 Lenny 10/3/17
disable client dual monitor when synergy is on Sarth Frey 9/13/17
New user - do I need monitors on each computer? Tony Gilbert 8/19/17
Re: [synergy] Synergy not working after purchase! Xinyu Hou (Jerry) 8/4/17
Synergy 1.7.3 - WARNING: failed to connect to server. Timed out Luke C 7/6/17
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