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Screensaver on Linux server won't enable until mouse returns to screen. Alan Hoyle 10/6/15
keystroke Client AND Server in the same time quintinm1 9/27/15
Synergy 1.7.3 - WARNING: failed to connect to server. Timed out Luke C 9/22/15
Ω Bigger 9/22/15
can I Bigger 9/21/15
Mission Control/Spaces function key not working on Mac Client using Mac Server Sam Culley 9/17/15
Hi I bought synergy software but I've got some problems when I use it 고유준 9/10/15
client(winxp)don't connect server(win7) at synergy 1.7.3 ,please help me thank you very much 大威 9/8/15
Re: [synergy] Server Connection Refused 1.7.4 Bigger 9/2/15
Printing student pictures from Google Chrome sucks! Kristi Eifert 9/2/15
Synergy Should have Build Number and Date in Help->About Mike Seese 9/2/15
Beta(/Synergy) Should Upgrade via Program Mike Seese 9/2/15
1.7.4 "Failed to get desktop path" Bryan Gritton 9/2/15
Screen swapping locked out when adding a monitor Charles Blessing 9/2/15
cut & pase Bigger 8/20/15
failed to load plugin ns.dll Martin 8/11/15
Mac OS can't connect to Ubuntu server with Synergy Pro 1.7.3 Alexei Faktorovich 8/7/15
Linux client keeps disconnecting Hypersphere 8/7/15
Definitely synergy is not wworking or very unstable Martin 8/5/15
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