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Mission Control/Spaces function key not working on Mac Client using Mac Server Sam Culley 9/23/16
Copy and paste only works once in a while Ílson Bolzan 9/22/16
Clip board works from Client to Server, but not the other way around LD James 9/22/16
Synergy server machine kb/mouse fails till reboot randomly Alex Peake 9/21/16
Promo Codes 9/20/16
Illegal instruction in ClientProxy1_6::ClientProxy1_6 Brian J. Murrell 9/16/16
SIGABRT in Clipboard::open Brian J. Murrell 9/16/16
Cursor stuck on edge of client screen when entering client from server (Win 8.1 Server + Debian Client) Nick F 9/14/16
build with debugging symbols Brian J. Murrell 9/13/16
Synergy refuses to connect when my client connect to Cisco AnyConnect VPN Miss Dusty 9/4/16
Synergy looping on running a helper app? Paula G 8/30/16
Scroll wheel issue - Mac(S) and Ubuntu(C) Serban Tatu 8/25/16
4 monitors, two PC's Bigger 8/25/16
Beginners question: mac host, windows client, how to map command key as control Jason Wang 8/19/16
Synergy v1.8.2-stable Nick Bolton 8/11/16
Synergy Server stops working when copy paste used Paul Kropp 8/7/16
Server Side and Client side connected but can't move Shihab Pavel 8/5/16
synergys getting hung up when pasting from client to server Brian J. Murrell 8/5/16
why is origin/master behind v1.8.2 Brian J. Murrell 8/5/16
How to Change IP adress of server in synergy Martin 7/30/16
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