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[PLease Help]: Quisioner Heriyansah Makmur 8:48 PM
synergys getting hung up when pasting from client to server Brian J. Murrell 7/21/16
Mouse Jiggler - Feature request Keith Roberts 7/20/16
Synergy 1.7.6 on Raspberry Pi 2 (Raspbian Jessie) Damien Di Vittorio 7/20/16
Synergy looping on running a helper app? Paula G 7/19/16
Synergy Server stops working when copy paste used Paul Kropp 7/13/16
Can't use the shift key on client PCs David Lewis 7/10/16
Application Title Bar displays Synergy (UNREGISTERED) for the paid product Charles Bass 7/6/16
Synergy 1.7.6 RC1 (and previous versions) - WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out Matt 6/28/16
Synergy only works with Windows (server) on right and Mac (client) on left David Prothero 6/15/16
Cant use synergy as server on Mac El Crapitan 6/14/16
synergy-v1.8.1-beta server crash Hans Scheffler 6/9/16
OSX cut/paste issues and broken '/' N0JCF 5/25/16
Shift key on client not working (1.4.18), server recently upgraded to WIN10 Ed L 5/18/16
Windows 7 (synergy 1.7.6) a client with name "xxxxxx" is already connected on server Sathya Ijjapureddy 5/12/16
Synergy server-only source distribution? Jörn C. 5/11/16
Error SSL: 140770FC. Using El capitan OSX (as a server) and CentOs6.7 as a client. Rodrigo Perea 5/6/16
Synergy 1.7.3 - WARNING: failed to connect to server. Timed out Luke C 5/5/16
Synergy and El Capitan Joel Appenzeller 5/3/16
linux client v1.7.4 crashes/deadlocks frequently when switching screens Bill Soudan 5/3/16
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