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"synwinxt.dll is missing or invalid" error after 1.4.14 upgrade on Windows XP Taylor Braun-Jones 1:26 AM
Synergy 1.5/Mac client: FATAL: An error occurred: carbon loop is not ready within 5 sec 7/11/14
MacOS + Ubuntu mouse weirdness Mitch Claborn 7/11/14
Fwd: Synergy...issue with Windows Update Nick Bolton 7/1/14
Hot keys only works one way? Evan Dilworth 6/24/14
Re: Synergy - feature limitation - Reminder Nick Bolton 6/19/14
Cant copy and paste between mac osx machines! Evan Dilworth 6/19/14
New installer is not very good. Frank Zvovu 6/12/14
Donated Magnus Vincelli 6/12/14
one client multiple servers Michele Petrazzo 6/11/14
Three finger tap swallowed by Synergy on OSX swimboy 6/9/14
Synergy Patch for xdg-screensaver. David Markey 6/6/14
Synergy 1.5 Nick Bolton 5/30/14
Can't install 1.4.17 on Windows 7 x64 Mauricio Scheffer 5/28/14
Windows 7 Issue: Cannot create a file when that file already exists Ankur Aggarwal 5/27/14
frequent drops when server window hidden 5/17/14
Synergy startup scripts with encryption and sympathetic screen locking Alex 5/8/14
Help with multi monitor setup Andrew Myers 5/8/14
Manual config with multi monitors. Jack Sparrow 5/8/14
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