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Synergy 1.7.3 Nick Bolton 6/20/15
Build configuration fails when both Qt3 and Qt4 are installed [patch attached] 5/29/15
linux packaging Greg Sheremeta 5/13/15
GPL incompatibility with OpenSSL Nigel Armstrong 4/25/15
Re: DRM free Nick Bolton 4/7/15
Synergy 1.6.3 Nick Bolton 3/30/15
1.7.0 beta released Nick Bolton 3/25/15
Re: Android Port of Synergy Nick Bolton 3/23/15
Synergy server for iOS Diego Pereira 3/3/15
Synergy 1.7 blog post is "password protected" Steve Hoelzer 2/13/15
How to insert our project into Synergy project? Hyungjoon Jung 2/12/15
Crypto++ Issues with older CPU's Ryan Nicholson 2/11/15
Synergy 1.6 Beta Eric Gunnett 2/4/15
"Failed to get local IP address." My local address is not in the 172, 192.168, or 10 range. Chris Gregg 1/29/15
Previous issue resolved, new issue with protocol Stuart Kreitman 1/8/15
Re: submitted issue / please advise on how I can help further Nick Bolton 1/5/15
Having trouble porting 1.34 with solarisstudio 1.23, LP64 (64-bit) Stuart Kreitman 12/18/14
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