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Building Issue: undefined reference to `DNSServiceRefDeallocate@4' Nathan 1/12/17
Compile on OS X 10.12 Sierra Kevin Yin 12/27/16
Extending the Synergy Protocol Dan Polivy 8/31/16
Synergy v1.8.2-stable Nick Bolton 8/11/16
Build failure: 1.7.6, SPARC, gcc 5.3, Solaris, but not on x86 platforms. Stuart Kreitman 7/19/16
Pull Request Guidelines Duncan X. Simpson 5/19/16
Windows "hm package win" fails when Qt is not installed in C:\Qt\... GranoblasticMan 5/12/16
Pull Request Backlog and Community Contributions Nigel Armstrong 4/5/16
Build failures on windows caused by backslashes Sean Houghton 3/24/16
scroll lock fated for extinction wes 3/22/16
Synergy v1.7.6-stable Nick Bolton 3/17/16
Synergy 1.6 Beta Eric Gunnett 3/2/16
Mac OS X 10.11 build, no errors, no product Christopher Nagel 2/15/16
issue compiling windows GUI James Sitz 12/18/15
Synergy 1.7.5 Nick Bolton 12/14/15
UAC Prompt Disconnects on Windows Dan Polivy 12/3/15
Building installer for win64? Tim Quakulinsky 11/20/15
Automated Continuous Integration Testing Jake Sylvestre 10/21/15
Synergy server for iOS Diego Pereira 9/21/15
Re: Is contributing to synergy for newbies? Nick Bolton 9/10/15
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