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Circular reference detected in routing_dev.yml Reynier Pérez 5/5/15
Stop After First Validation Error Brandon Olivares 5/5/15
Make all User Login First before access anywhere DeLe 5/5/15
I wish JMS would update his bundles... nurikabe 5/1/15
OneToMany/ManyToOne Form selector problems craig heydenburg 4/29/15
Different validation constraints for same class Cris Shep 4/20/15
Doctrine Mapping Exception Carolin Etzold 4/20/15
Can't start server. "This comand needs the pcntl extension to run." Windows George Popov 4/20/15
Different validation constraints for the same class Cris Shep 4/20/15
symfony on nginx, first setup, 404 error Alex Zheng 4/20/15
jms paypal bundle Mindaugas Ram 4/20/15
I am not able to install symfony Gintare Statkute 4/20/15
Catchable Fatal Error: Argument 3 passed to Doctrine\ORM\Event\PreUpdateEventArgs::__construct() must be of the type array, null given, called in /ROOT/vendor/doctrine/orm/lib/Doctrine/ORM/UnitOfWork.php on line 1064 Charly 4/20/15
Datetime field returns 'This value is not valid' upon validation. Monserrat Foster 4/20/15
Retrieve errors from form - symfony 2.6. (maybe bug) Krzysztof Kochański 4/20/15
about get entity constant value in twig Ricky Lee 4/20/15
"Variable does not exist" Exception Patrick Ghislain Bass 4/20/15
Retrieve errors from form (symfony 2.6) - maybe bug Krzysztof Kochański 4/20/15
Symfony2 manually installing bundle Ipan 4/20/15
Submit multiple entities in a single form lifo 4/20/15
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