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Free books and a printer Madox 7/24/16
[RnD] Replicator i3 clone at hobbyking Aleksandr Motsjonov 7/24/16
Free slightly aged laptops Madox 7/23/16
Thought experiment. The Taz printer Darryl Adams 7/23/16
Aldi soldering iron. Worth $12 Darryl Adams 7/22/16
OpenMV cam: cheap machine vision unit kris 7/22/16
Cutting card stock Sean McNamara 7/22/16
Does anyone have a Samsung tablet charging cable? PaulH 7/22/16
The space is now open for Saturday. devastatorbadman 7/22/16
The space continues to be open. (Friday) devastatorbadman 7/21/16
Is the gate web page working? Darryl Adams 7/21/16
Space is now open (friday) Darryl Adams 7/21/16
The space is now open. (Thursday) devastatorbadman 7/21/16
Space open on thursday Damian Wong 7/20/16
Folding Australia 2016 - Sydney Origami Festival Jason Lewis 7/20/16
The space is now open. (Tuesday) devastatorbadman 7/20/16
[RnD] If anyone has a PC older then Newer then Pentium 4 Aleksandr Motsjonov 7/20/16
Gav - ATX power box Darryl Adams 7/19/16
Is anyone planning on opening the space Tuesday evening? Aaron Power 7/19/16
Irony at an atomic scale Patrick Barnes 7/18/16
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