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identifying plastic for laser cutting 5/27/16
re: mini maker faire at MLC School at Burwood Michael Gruber 5/27/16
My M Prime is working Darryl Adams 5/27/16
Space is open (Friday) Darryl Adams 5/26/16
Space is open (thursday) Darryl Adams 5/26/16
My home 'supercomputer' - raspberry pi SETI@HOME Gav 5/25/16
Roland 303 for Samuel Bruce devastatorbadman 5/25/16
Ardu9ino NANO help - Lucky I looked! shykitten55 5/25/16
Heading back to New Zealand James Reardon 5/25/16
pi zero lazy group buy kris 5/25/16
OpenMV cam: cheap machine vision unit kris 5/24/16
The space is now open for Tuesday night Gav 5/23/16
have you lost your sd card? 5/23/16
The space is open now 5/23/16
Robotic egg manipulation Kris 5/22/16
72 bulb clock display Gav 5/22/16
Injection molding know-how and maybe machine access? Kyle B. 5/22/16
MDF store && X-Carve ghost 5/22/16
Polar Heart Rate Module Samuel Bruce 5/21/16
Inkscape / Boxmaker - getting there.! shykitten55 5/19/16
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