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The space is open for Saturday Gav 6/1/18
Oh, HDMI cables...... Nominal prices? shykitten55 5/25/18
Where and wheb Tejkaran Samra 5/25/18
Feasability of this project? shykitten55 5/25/18
The space is now open for Tuesday evening Gav 5/22/18
Availability other than Saturdays? 5/21/18
Is the space open now? Will be there in ~20 mins... Thanks! Ilya N 5/21/18
This is not your granddad's Arduino... 5/20/18
The space is now open for Saturday Gav 5/18/18
Arduino WiFi, MQTT and IP addresses shykitten55 5/16/18
KFM Airfoils Darryl Adams 5/15/18
Space will be open at about 5.30pm PaulH 5/14/18
Human Robot Friendship Ball Claire Marshall 5/14/18
Machines free to good home Patrick Barnes 5/14/18
Space is open until ~10pm PaulH 5/13/18
b50K pot needed kris 5/13/18
CnC for sale on Facebook Jason Lewis 5/11/18
Thermal Printing on thicker paper? Patrick Barnes 5/9/18
Just wanting to check this idea about RPI GPIO shykitten55 5/9/18
3D printing for a codecamp. Andrew Alexander 5/9/18
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