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Quick demo of aluminium milling this Saturday 12 noon. Gav 5/22/15
poor mans limit switches 5/22/15
help with inkscape gear kris 5/21/15
Clever ideas for a clip/socket for holding a DIP-sized breakout board Nick Johnson 5/21/15
RPi case thoughts. shykitten55 5/21/15
I think Gav is home today.... Darryl Adams 5/20/15
Space is now open this fine Thursday Darryl Adams 5/20/15
DSLogic up for grabs Jason Ball 5/20/15
Electrician advice Franc Carter 5/20/15
the space is open now for Tuesday night LAAASSERRRRRSSS John Slee 5/19/15
Thursday night makers. Tim 5/19/15
Downsizing... to sell Jason Ball 5/17/15
beware chrome for your IOT projects 5/17/15
Towel Day and Hungry Hungry Hippos! Praetorian_TMOTC 5/17/15
Breakpoint 2015 Call For Presentations 5/17/15
the space is open now Franc Carter 5/15/15
Space is now closed PaulH 5/14/15
$9 C.H.I.P. Computer on Kickstarter Julian Sortland, VK2YJS 5/14/15
Space is open for an hour or so... PaulH 5/14/15
Friday help pol shykitten55 5/14/15
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