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Just launched a Kickstarter for laser controller Dan Col 7/8/17
the space is open now Kris 7/7/17
NAS drives - my new journey. shykitten55 7/4/17
Slew Bearing Matt 7/2/17
2 inch composite signal LCD screens, where to get them? Mike Streetz 7/1/17
Wooden house of cards? Patrick Barnes 7/1/17
How big is the universe - Exploring the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Gav 7/1/17
CNC Router Cameron Weston 7/1/17
Three new toys for the space Gav 7/1/17
Young Maker Visiting Sydney 6/30/17
The space is now open for Saturday Gav 6/30/17
Colour changing acrylic Daniel Smith 6/29/17
Lasercut goniometer for crystallography Gav 6/28/17
Molecular models in polymer clay Gav 6/27/17
Lego Crystallography Gav 6/27/17
The space is now open. (Tuesday) devastatorbadman 6/27/17
CHOICE Wi-Fi Boss Pi Image to try and give us feedback Rodney Berry 6/26/17
do not tip kris 6/25/17
Sydney Mini Maker Faire Michael Gruber 6/25/17
Space is open! Peter Hardy 6/24/17
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