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Perspex Stock Michael Warner 9/1/17
Vendo Kris 9/1/17
Needing help with RPI and "sharing" between other Pies. shykitten55 9/1/17
Laser cutting stainless steel mesh Michael Warner 8/30/17
Diffuser/transmissive plastic? Patrick Barnes 8/29/17
The space is now open. (Tuesday) devastatorbadman 8/29/17
Thermoforming in the space Vanderdale 8/26/17
Not quite a CRT Franc Carter 8/26/17
Laser Question (Exhaust Diameter) ghost 8/26/17
The space is now open. (Saturday) devastatorbadman 8/25/17
Hey Gav, ur famous James Reardon 8/23/17
Free pair of tickets to Hobart Patrick Barnes 8/22/17
The space is now open. (Saturday) devastatorbadman 8/18/17
Cutting steel tube and open this Saturday? Robert Bowmaker 8/16/17
Top Slewing Luffing Boom Tower Crane Matt 8/14/17
What time is the space open today? Meow-Ludo 8/14/17
Anyone interested in constructing 1:1 scale model back to the future hoverboards and also display stands for the hoverboards? I'm offering to pay for either if they look the part and look AWESOME :) Bard 8/14/17
free LCD monitor Paul 8/13/17
yes, the space is open now! Gav 8/11/17
Free Giant Desk with powered lift Nathan von Hartitzsch 8/10/17
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