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2x zprinter 310 plus 3D powder printer Sam choy 1/23/18
The space is now open for Tuesday Gav 1/22/18
advice for motorcontrol kris 1/22/18
The space is open now Kris 1/21/18
Tuesday night Luke Coffey 1/21/18
Does anybody have a Proxmark device i can borrow ? (NFC / RFID) Lewys Martin 1/16/18
Opening tonight Gav 1/15/18
Libre-Cad. I have a design on it and want to know if it can be understood by the laser cutter. shykitten55 1/12/18
Opening tonight, Tuesday 9th Jan Gav 1/8/18
Suggest a low cost mill for delrin cnc or manual Max Nippard 1/6/18
Quick project, the "cladding ruler" my boxmaking jig Gav 1/5/18
Cornicing/pasterwork Sean McNamara 1/2/18
The space is now open for Tuesday Alex McClung 1/1/18
The laser just had a tuneup Gav 1/1/18
The Space will be open New Years Day Jan 1 2018 kris 1/1/18
Multi-channel high side switching - tearing my hair out a little Sophie Parker 1/1/18
the space is open now Kris 12/31/17
attaching to servo hornes Franc Carter 12/31/17
Spring Cleaning again... Patrick Barnes 12/31/17
hiding wires Franc Carter 12/29/17
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