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This was an unofficial group for discussing the Swift programming language. As of December 2015, with the open source release of Swift, Apple has created its own official mailing lists, so I'm closing this group.

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EZText.Space - Have your app narrated by Elon Musk Goktug Yilmaz 2/28/16
Swift for Linux tutorials Jon Hoffman 2/3/16
Holiday Special on Mastering Swift 2 Jon Hoffman 12/18/15
Swift 2.0 Design Patterns - a step by step simple approach Julien LANGE 12/7/15
Is this list obsolete? Perry Metzger 12/7/15
Swift on Linux, etc. Perry Metzger 12/3/15
Nested functions and reference capturing Bruno Berisso 12/1/15
using CFNumberRef safely in swift? Perry Metzger 12/1/15
Can __FILE__ not print the full path? Alex Hall 11/29/15
stdout, stderr, and variable argument lists Perry Metzger 11/25/15
printf-like formatting of floats and such Perry Metzger 11/23/15
How Swift standard types and classes were supposed to work Goktug Yilmaz 11/23/15
'if let where' alternative Bruno Berisso 11/20/15
UIPageViewController like Snapchat/Tinder/iOS Main Pages Goktug Yilmaz 11/19/15
Contact sheet exampe sought Robert Love 11/10/15
Mastering Swift 2 Jon Hoffman 11/8/15
Swift 2 programming - online training educativo...@gmail.com 11/6/15
Using a variable in place of an instance Boyd Crow 11/6/15
Creating Strings from UTF-8 in [UInt8] Chris Ridd 11/5/15
How do I create an UnsafePointer<X> variable (not parameter)? Jens Alfke 11/5/15
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