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Can't access singleton instance from Swift framework Tron Thomas 5/2/15
Some syntax errors in Swift's standard library, anyone knows why? l̲̅e̲̅x̲̅ c̲̅h̲̅o̲̅u̲̅ 4/27/15
Swift noob: just want the coordinates of the mouse matt martin 4/21/15
mindmeld sdk Anupam Mediratta 4/20/15
Alternative to the load class method Tron Thomas 4/18/15
can anyone make this code better ? Aman Rana 4/16/15
Crash with empty string in NSPopupButton & Bindings Jean Suisse 4/16/15
grammar ambiguity in closure signature Jon Rafkind 4/15/15
ViewController.Type does not have a member named 'name' SERGIO 9999 4/15/15
ios swift: receiving the data over 3 classes Heidi Anselstetter 4/11/15
Prototype Cells DM Grant 4/10/15
Quick and dirty Obj-C to Swift conversion script? Jens Alfke 4/6/15
objective-c to swift Ismail El-Habbash 3/30/15
Accessing 'kSCNetworkInterfaceIPv4' crashes the application. Povilas Balciunas 3/27/15
parse json Akram Moncer 3/26/15
Pickerview (using parse.com) Heidi Anselstetter 3/26/15
UIPresentationController - presentation view size? Max Farrar 3/25/15
Similarities between Swift and Scala, and what can we learn from that as iOS/Mac developers Javier Siloniz Sandino 3/14/15
What are methods? Kenny Batista 3/14/15
how do i get the current hebrew date Tal Salman 3/3/15
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