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Welcome to the Sup mailing list for discussions of the development and use of the Sup email client.
The project is hosted at GitHub at: and its homepage can be
found here:

For instructions on how to install and try out sup, refer to the wiki:

To subscribe to this list either go through google groups here or send an email to:

The old sup-talk, sup-devel and sup-announce lists have been replaced by this single list since the Rubyforge shutdown.

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website: Gaute Hope 4/18/16
Calendar integration Elias Norberg 4/13/16
offsets for mbox broken Martin Bähr 1/20/16
Excessive CPU Usage willvdw 1/16/16
using terceiros rmail fork Gaute Hope 11/30/15
How to add web link when composing message with vim ? b0f0 10/19/15
How to move mails to trash on the server after deleting them in sup? Siwen Yu 10/11/15
sup-git: important notice for git testers: xdg-data has been reverted untill issues are resolved Gaute Hope 9/29/15
One buffer for each account at startup Pablo 8/3/15
Line wrapping and readability on mobile screens Dave Unger 7/19/15
Open HTML attachments with chromium Alfredo Palhares 6/29/15
release 0.22.0 Gaute Hope 6/18/15
Editing names before they're indexed Michael Parks 5/16/15
Strangeness in search syntax Michael Parks 5/2/15
Add thread back to the inbox Alfredo Palhares 4/8/15
Sign all emails by default Alfredo Palhares 4/2/15
Opening attachment displayed inline 3/30/15 3/30/15
No messages shown (yet it says * messages in index) Peng Yu 3/22/15
Is completion available in sup? Peng Yu 3/22/15
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