Welcome to SunPy, a home to discussions about exploring how to use python for solar data analysis. Code generated by this group is available at GitHub. Join us on IRC at #sunpy on Freenode.

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ASCII Data Session at AGU Steven C. 6/28/15
JSOC email Tiago Pereira 6/1/15
JSOC HMI SHARP query Jens Pomoell 5/19/15
jpeg2000 for anaconda installation Jonathan Slavin 5/19/15
SunPy 0.5.3 released now with conda packages! Stuart Mumford 5/15/15
No results after querying the HEK for CMEs Kamen Kozarev 5/12/15
Fwd: [astropy-dev] Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Steven C. 5/10/15
Fwd: [SOCIS 2015] Student application form will be opened up to midnight. DavidPS 4/30/15
Fwd: [astropy-dev] Astropy Community Code of Conduct Stuart Mumford 4/28/15
2 students for SunPy on GSOC DavidPS 4/28/15
SunPy TESS Talk Steven C. 4/26/15
SOCIS 2015 - interested in participation 4/25/15
AIA Prep ji 4/21/15
Interested to contribute to Integration of the HESPE Data Archive - SOCIS 2015 Umesh A Bhat 4/21/15
Slack Steven C. 4/20/15
ESA Summer of Code 2015 Pouyan Azari 4/3/15
ANN: SciPy 2015 Call for Proposals & Registration Open - tutorial & talk submissions due April 1st (includes astronomy & astrophysics minisymposium) Courtenay Godshall 3/18/15
Re: [code4solar] Python Version Survey Krishna Mooroogen 3/12/15
SUNPY meeting at the Tess meeting Steven C. 3/11/15
Getting error on running test Sunil Kumar 3/10/15
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