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SunPy v0.9.0rc1 Nabil Freij 4/18/18
about ffmpeg animation Ekrem Erkuş 4/9/18
aiaprep 4/2/18
Problem with numpy 3/27/18
ndcube 1.0.1 release Danny Ryan 3/27/18
Deadline for GSOC approaching soon DavidPS 3/24/18
NASA ADS Hack Day, May 22nd DavidPS 3/19/18
GOES SXI fits in SunPy Iain Hannah 3/6/18
Release of ndcube 1.0 Stuart Mumford 2/25/18
SunPy v0.8.3 and v0.8.4 Nabil Freij 2/20/18
Fwd: ANN: Astropy v3.0 released Stuart Mumford 2/20/18
Software training in astrophysics DavidPS 2/18/18
Errors while installation 2/3/18
Affiliated Package - SunPy Viewer Robert Jarolim 1/30/18
Open Source White Paper to National Academy of Sciences Steven C. 1/10/18
Converting between ICRS and Helioprojective observations Kamen Kozarev 12/12/17
cannot download all fits file by Fido.fetch( ) kako lelouch 12/6/17
Fwd: [AstroPy] Reminder: Complete your application for Python in Astronomy 2018 this week! Stuart Mumford 12/5/17
Sunpy support for handling spectral image cubes? Bin Chen 11/13/17
New to SunPy, trying to make time-lapse videos of AIA data Miles Gordon 11/8/17
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