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plans for jpeg2000 writer? Jonathan Slavin 12:38 AM
Code of Conduct - discussion DavidPS 9/30/16
SunPy Manual in Portuguese André Leon S. Gradvohl 9/15/16
Applications for Python in Astronomy 2017 Now Open Stuart Mumford 9/13/16
Overplotting on SunPy map with WCSAxes Will Barnes 9/1/16
Python in Astronomy 2017 Conference Stuart Mumford 9/1/16
And Google Summer of Code has ended this year!!! DavidPS 8/30/16
PFSS model in python Mayur Ingale 8/26/16
SunPy 0.7.3 Stuart Mumford 8/22/16
OpenAstronomy workshop Drew Leonard 8/9/16
August Monthly Update Stuart Mumford 8/8/16
Call for abstracts: Fall AGU 2016, Dec. 12-16, San Francisco, CA, Session SH013 “Organizing and Understanding Solar and Heliospheric Data for Discovery” ji 7/27/16
SunPy Releases! 0.7.2 and 0.6.5 Stuart Mumford 7/19/16
Error when reading in fits file with Joe Llama 6/22/16
Read .genx IDL save files with Python Will Barnes 6/13/16 typo in SunPy 0.70 6/9/16
SunPy 0.7! Stuart Mumford 5/25/16
SciPy2016 5/18/16
SunPy 0.6.4 Stuart Mumford 5/18/16
Issue with colorbar jumping max/min values when plotting movie Caroline Alexander 5/11/16
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