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Missing depend ? 4/16/15
Preparing 0.3 release. Mladen Mijatov 4/15/15
Feature request: Easy pathname copy-to-clipboard function that includes path from file list 4/11/15
Site news feeds and multi-language site. Mladen Mijatov 3/27/15
Problem with using FTP Christian 3/12/15
Just managed to run Sunflower on Windows insolor 2/4/15
How to restore a file from trash ? David Novak 1/29/15
inherit_left/right_path functions and ctrl left/right keys on directory Christian 1/28/15
Feature request - File info and preview in second pane Hombibi Hom 1/5/15
Usage of Mount Manager feature Steve Gahm 11/8/14
Transifex support. Mladen Mijatov 7/27/14
Version 0.2 (build 59) Mladen Mijatov 7/25/14
Feature freeze for 0.1a-59. Mladen Mijatov 7/21/14
Changing font size? John Porubek 7/21/14
Alt + Letter 6/20/14
GitHub repository. Mladen Mijatov 5/14/14
Version: 0.1a-57 Mladen Mijatov 3/5/14
Version 0.1a-58 Mladen Mijatov 3/3/14
Note to translators. Mladen Mijatov 2/23/14
Resuming work... Mladen Mijatov 1/18/14
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