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Dropbox integration with new vanilla Devuan i3 install. globetrotterdk globetrotterdk 2/22/18
Newbie to Sunflower on Devuan Jessie "open with" problems. globetrotterdk globetrotterdk 2/5/18
wrong access privileges at copy from cd to folder 8/26/17
Is sunflower still being developed? 5/30/17
Confused trying to figure out how to make Sublime edit HTML files Robster 11/20/16
new version less stable as before? 10/16/16
How to don't open with previous saved tabs? 9/5/16
Feature request: Support for "templates" folder 6/13/16
Shortcut for rename Frank Lehmann 5/25/16
Patch: Sort Order + Overwrite Option 3/7/16
0.3.61-1 doesn't run on Fedora 23 (0.2.59-1 does) David Novak 2/22/16
File overwrite options in Copy + Move dialog 2/3/16
Shortcut for opening directory in target window Mary Smith 1/20/16
Version 0.3 (build 60) Mladen Mijatov 1/18/16
Call for translators. Mladen Mijatov 1/6/16
sudden error 11/24/15
Very nice file manager Vir Apsconsa 8/30/15
feature request : highlighting files / age coloration 6/7/15
Just managed to run Sunflower on Windows insolor 5/24/15
Preparing 0.3 release. Mladen Mijatov 5/8/15
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