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Changing font size? John Porubek 6/28/14
Alt + Letter 6/20/14
GitHub repository. Mladen Mijatov 5/14/14
Version: 0.1a-57 Mladen Mijatov 3/5/14
Version 0.1a-58 Mladen Mijatov 3/3/14
Note to translators. Mladen Mijatov 2/23/14
Resuming work... Mladen Mijatov 1/18/14
Very slow on big folders; do you intrested in solution? Dmitry 11/24/13
Left Panel Tree and AppDir? 11/12/13
great app thx! 11/11/13
Logitech back button compatibility 10/6/13
Version 0.1a-56 Mladen Mijatov 9/4/13
Sunflower won't open John Porubek 6/12/13
Scripts moved to Makefile Wojciech Kluczka 3/5/13
Version 0.1a-54 Mladen Mijatov 2/25/13
Version 0.1a-53 Mladen Mijatov 2/4/13
Version 0.1a-52 Mladen Mijatov 1/17/13
Version 0.1a-51 Mladen Mijatov 1/13/13
A few questions/suggestions 1/7/13
single click to open files and folders 12/29/12
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