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The google group has been deprecated please use the Github issue tracker for new support tickets.

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The group has now been officially deprecated. Blake Grotewold 12/19/14
how to remove "invalid variable name" error for single char vars? Andrew Z 5/23/17
New linter : dennis (for gettext / .po files) 12/22/14
SublimeLinter-phplint installation Ricardo Gutiérrez 12/21/14
Re: [SublimeLinter] Re: [jshint] cannot get path to work properly Zheyi Zhu 12/12/14
[jshint] cannot get path to work properly Zheyi Zhu 12/10/14
shorcut key to do linting? Uday K 12/10/14
Tcl linting? John Buckman 12/8/14
unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting end-of-input Anthony Trimble 12/8/14
SublimeLinter-haml error VladMeh 12/5/14
Not able to debugger error message. Yulu Zhang 12/4/14
SublimeLinter-contrib-lint-trap Andrew de Andrade 12/3/14
New Linter: SublimeLinter-contrib-flow Clifton Kaznocha 11/30/14
New Linter: SublimeLinter-contrib-write-good Clifton Kaznocha 11/30/14
cpplint deactivated, cannot locate 'cpplint' SGT. MAC 11/29/14
Can't install SublimeLinter on Sublime Text 3 Johnny Wang 11/23/14
Memory leaks Dmitriy Kubyshkin 11/20/14
Linter exclude pattern matching is too limiting Justin Howard 11/18/14
Anyway to modify the existing SublimeLinter plugin? Ran Bao 11/13/14
SublimeLinter on FreeBSD inux: pid 20916 (thread_queue): syscall utimensat not implemented Miguel C 11/12/14
Unable to disable dot notation linting (W069) Ralph Smith 11/7/14
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