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Welcome to the test group for StimBits games. Here you can test the latest games that are in Alpha and or Beta development stage.


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Are you bored by the various frustrating (puzzle) games? Have you seen that flapping bird hit the pipes too many times?

Now there is Box-E! 

Box-E is a relaxing puzzle game in which you control a little cube. It's main goal: Reach the end while coloring as many cubes possible. It features more than 25 levels, achievements, a catching soundtrack and a realtime multiplayer mode in which you can compete with friends to try and beat their score.

Get the game while it is still on sale - 30% OFF!

No more frustration, just relax and enjoy Box-E, alone or with friends!




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Released!: Box-E v1.0.0 Tim Moelard 6/15/14
New version: Box-E v0.2.0 Tim Moelard 6/12/14
New version: Box-E v0.1.1 (Beta release) Tim Moelard 6/3/14
New version: Box-E v0.0.7 (realtime multiplayer!) Tim Moelard 4/27/14
New version: Box-E v0.0.6 Tim Moelard 4/25/14
New version: Box-E v0.0.5 Tim Moelard 4/23/14
New application logo: Box-E Tim Moelard 4/23/14
New version: Box-E v0.0.4 Tim Moelard 4/22/14
New version: Box-E v0.3 Tim Moelard 4/21/14
Reduced price for Alpha / Beta stages Tim Moelard 4/7/14