Stavanger Makerspace

Welcome to our group. We are a small group of tech people trying to make a local makerspace in Stavanger.
If you are interested in joining, please do :)

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Meeting calendar etc fenre 9/9/11
Any NuTek Hardwarethon teams looking for a programmer? Austin 8/6/14
Book on wood working, techniques, etc. Austin 5/15/14
should we go for this?? Bjørn Hegle 11/24/11
The Apple cider project fenre 11/17/11
Fwd: [Bookshelf] Programming Your Home: Automate with Arduino, Android, and Your Computer now in beta Austin 10/22/11
PC project for living room...with high WAF Bjørn Hegle 8/30/11
Soldering equipment? Austin 8/26/11
The old Sun servers fenre 8/21/11
Hackerspace location - expenditures, payments etc.. fenre 7/26/11
softmod'ing an xbox? Austin 7/9/11
Inspiration?? Bjørn Hegle 7/7/11
Found an old broken camera(with flash) Kjell Kristian 7/7/11
Fwd: Sykkel auksjon på falck 28.06.2011 Baodong 6/16/11
HackerSpace Evenings Aaron 6/16/11
Basic tutorials fenre 6/6/11
Google pushing Arduino for android accessories Austin 5/12/11
Check this out :-) Baodong 5/12/11
Reply-to options? (was Re: Inventables) Austin 5/6/11
Inventables Austin 5/6/11
Morse Code Austin 4/29/11
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