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SessionFactory.newSession - Multi-Tenant Support Hari Narasimhan 2/12/15
PR #194 Peter Brant 2/11/15
Scala 2.11.5 and Squeryl? Clint Gilbert 1/29/15
Support for Postgres's new json and jsonb data types Matt Farmer 1/24/15
Equality issue when extending KeyedEntity[T] Jonathan Ferguson 1/22/15
How to do groupBy and select together des.m...@gmail.com 1/14/15
Typed Primary keys Brent Gracey 1/8/15
implicit conversion from LocalDate (LocalDateTime) to Timestamp Sanjarbek Amatov 12/23/14
Using more then one autoincrement field in postgres with squeryl Sanjarbek Amatov 12/23/14
@Column annotations with columnNameFromPropertyName Bug wang xinli 12/15/14
Scala 2.11 support or is 0.9.6 ready for prime-time? alboko 12/8/14
Saving only changed properties Aleksey Vasilyev 11/26/14
ResultSet is closed outside of transaction des.m...@gmail.com 11/21/14
How to implement master/slave structure with squeryl and play framework Anas Jaghoub 11/17/14
re: How to specify table name of association class in manyToManyRelation? Options Jay Taylor 11/14/14
select without from Daniel 11/13/14
Case Expressions Nathan Vecchiarelli 11/5/14
Ignoring a field in entity Pavel Penkov 11/5/14
again timestamp field of postgres Sanjarbek Amatov 11/5/14
automatic from(...) to JSON transformation in scalatra boris 10/18/14
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