This is the discussion group of Spyder, a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like
features in a simple and light-weight software environment, available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X.

Spyder development happens on Github: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder

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[ANN] Spyder 3.2.8 is released! Carlos Córdoba 3/15/18
New Tensorflow pakage not recognized by Spyder xavier leroy 3/11/18
Double click to run a python script or run it using Task Scheduler Xia Zhao 3/7/18
Installing spyder using pip / tornado ssl issue Arnaud Poncet Montanges 3/7/18
Sypder crashing on windows 10 Tushar Sharma 3/5/18
How can I output the plot and print string to a log file? zd2...@columbia.edu 3/2/18
Team Foundation Integration John Drew 2/27/18
[ANN] Spyder 3.2.7 is released! Carlos Córdoba 2/25/18
Spyder 3.2.6, PyQt 5.10, Windows 7: File saving very slow Jürg Rast 2/20/18
[ANN] Spyder-unittest 0.3.0 is released Jitse Niesen 2/17/18
Spyder not being installed for Python 3.6 version. Sanket Wagh 2/16/18
SymPy variables not shown in Variable viewer? DrBwts 2/15/18
Sharing objects between Widgets and IPy console UHV 2/14/18
Error: Changes to code requires restarting Spyder to take effect. john Schwar z 2/10/18
Windows 7: Server error when starting Spyder Notebook Max Bberg 2/9/18
Features in Outline? Russ Hensel 2/8/18
Spyder for python 3 crashes with message: ValueError: Dependency has already been registered: pandas Dominik Endres 2/8/18
console? Doug Epling 2/7/18
Could not install Spider via pip install spider giang....@gmail.com 2/7/18
Spyder errors on Windows 10 kenrinc 2/7/18
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