This is the discussion group of Spyder, a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like
features in a simple and light-weight software environment, available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X.

Spyder development happens on Github: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder

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2 Problems: a) Can't locate Spyder 3.2 b) Can't set Spyder to Anaconda Python 3.6 Matt Curcio 7/25/17
Change Input from Editor Window to iPython Console Stephen P. Molnar 7/24/17
[ANN] Spyder 3.2.0 is released! Carlos Córdoba 7/23/17
Spyder3 stuck at Loading editor Patrick 7/21/17
Openining a parenthesis of any function applied to a panadas dot accessed column in ipython console opens and closes several terminals Momo A. 7/21/17
Key shortcuts Antonio Rodriguez 7/20/17
How to Add custom icon into SPYDER Mathan Sakthivel 7/17/17
Help on spyder, please!!! Gabi Kreplak 7/16/17
Latest Spyder 3.1.4 DMG for macOS isn't there under the link "here" only source Stephane St-Pierre 7/15/17
IPython console stuck on "Connecting to kernel..." m.iq...@imperial.ac.uk 7/12/17
Question on layouts Ramanujan Raghavan 7/10/17
Help Pane (formerly Object Inspector) Doesn't Work Josh Pruett 7/6/17
nbconvert >= 4.0 none(NOK) EntangledQubit 7/6/17
Spyder is not installed Eran Yasso 7/6/17
Spyder exits immediately Diego Aparicio 7/3/17
IPython console OK X Direct Execution Error. All in Windows 10. Willians de Carvalho Marcos 7/3/17
hexadecimal view in variable explorer Brandon Parsons 6/27/17
Spyder starting error/bug on Lubuntu Ahmet Çagdas SEÇKİN 6/24/17
not able to see moving average avi elik 6/23/17
Spyder - connecting from MacOS to Linux remote kernel dsno...@gmail.com 6/23/17
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