This is the discussion group of Spyder (previously known as Pydee), a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like features in a simple and light-weighted software, available for Windows XP/Vista/7, GNU/Linux (official packages are available for DebianUbuntuarchlinuxFedoraGentoo or openSUSE) and MacOS X.

Spyder is part of spyderlib, a Python module based on PyQt4pyflakesrope and sphinx providing powerful PyQt4 widgets like source code editors, Python console (easy to embed in your own application: see this example) or GUI-based dictionary, lists/tuples and NumPy array editors.

The Spyder's official website is here.

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[ANN] Spyder 3.0 fifth public beta release Carlos Córdoba 7:24 AM
Auto-Complete in Anaconda issues Stevem 8/24/16
kernel keeps dying unexpectedly Davide Floriello 8/24/16
kernel keeps "dying unexpectedly" Davide Floriello 8/24/16
Active tab in editor Joseph Barraud 8/23/16
Working directory added implicitly to sys.path Hakim Benoudjit 8/22/16
Slide file tabs (change order of file tabs) Hakim Benoudjit 8/22/16
jumps not possible during post mortem debugging - problem with spyder or not? Markus Hofinger 8/22/16
Qt5/PyQt5 Anaconda packages Sébastien Bourdeauducq 8/21/16
Launch Spyder in commande line with a pre-defined session Stevem 8/21/16
apparently spyder does not recognize "import math" correctly murdock...@gmail.com 8/20/16
Panels on Variable Explorer Marcos Carreira 8/12/16
IPython Notebook in Spyder? Wavemaker 8/11/16
DPI Error Atul Shanbhag 8/11/16
Plot pane for Spyder is the only thing missing in my pov Pablo Tercero 8/8/16
Changing the environment Harshrajsinh Jadeja 8/8/16
Does Spyder 2 support interactive use of Tkinter? Chris Ball 8/8/16
Update Spyder in WinPython installation while keeping config Stevem 7/29/16
objects missing from email.mime packaged with Spyder 2.3.8? David Sterling 7/28/16
[ANN] Spyder 3.0 fourth public beta release Carlos Córdoba 7/24/16
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