This is the discussion group of Spyder, a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like
features in a simple and light-weight software environment, available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X.

Spyder development happens on Github: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder

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Notebook function witk...@gmail.com 11/16/17
underlying json shows up in IPython console in Spyder kel...@avinc.com 11/15/17
`pip install --user spyder` not working with Python 2 on Ubuntu 16.04 Ghislain Vaillant 11/15/17
object inspector lost pop-up window functionality in Spyder 3.2.4 Richard Barry 11/13/17
Help Pane (formerly Object Inspector) Doesn't Work Josh Pruett 11/13/17
Problem in Statsmodels shalu....@gmail.com 11/11/17
SyntaxError: invalid syntax Vishu 11/11/17
how get more useful help e.g. on matplotlib.plot() with ctrl+i ? Thomas Engels 10/30/17
Command Console missing? imtiaz...@gmail.com 10/30/17
Not able to open or front form file on Mac machine. sumit periwal 10/28/17
Connecting Spyder(running Windows) to remote kernel on EC2(running Linux) Mohammad Amir 10/28/17
MODIS09GA Cloud Mask Method 龙飞船 10/25/17
(Spyder 3.6) Same code, different results. Bobby S 10/25/17
Cannot upgrade to the latest version of python on linux David 10/24/17
seeking Spyder DMG installer for macOS (when Anaconda is not enough!) Brenton LeMesurier 10/24/17
replacing spyder in winpython with spyder version 4. Retired Replicant. 10/23/17
failed update of Spyder kel...@avinc.com 10/23/17
spyder error with pydicom installed Soren Christensen 10/19/17
[ANN] Spyder 3.2.4 is released! Carlos Córdoba 10/17/17
Matplotlib: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'PyQt4' MaSo 10/16/17
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