This is the discussion group of Spyder, a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like
features in a simple and light-weight software environment, available for Windows, GNU/Linux and MacOS X.

Spyder development happens on Github: https://github.com/spyder-ide/spyder

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Use spyder data frame viewer programatically Chandan Nath 9/21/17
how to install new packages in Spyder 3.2.2 Sam Shi 9/21/17
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[ANN] Spyder 3.2.3 is released! Carlos Córdoba 9/13/17
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graphics window jean-phili...@wanadoo.fr 9/8/17
[ANN] Spyder 3.2.2 is released! Carlos Córdoba 9/4/17
using how to read text file how to plot leela vathi 8/29/17
Not able to read CSV file from Spyder Oscar Chidi 8/28/17
PyQt5 QPushButton doesn't respond in Spyder, OK from command line jim...@yahoo.com 8/27/17
Updating variable explorer when variables created in Spyder notebook jonno 8/26/17
[ANN] Spyder-unittest 0.2.0 is released! Jitse Niesen 8/25/17
Spyder Crashing on Startup - ValueError:Attempted Relative Import in non-package Adam Duran 8/24/17
gráficos em janela própria squadri%...@gtempaccount.com 8/23/17
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