This is the discussion group of Spyder (previously known as Pydee), a free open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like features in a simple and light-weighted software, available for Windows XP/Vista/7, GNU/Linux (official packages are available for DebianUbuntuarchlinuxFedoraGentoo or openSUSE) and MacOS X.

Spyder is part of spyderlib, a Python module based on PyQt4pyflakesrope and sphinx providing powerful PyQt4 widgets like source code editors, Python console (easy to embed in your own application: see this example) or GUI-based dictionary, lists/tuples and NumPy array editors.

The Spyder's official website is here.

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Google Summer of Code 2016, GSoC2016 Raniere Silva 2/8/16
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Column Mode Editing Rishabh Jain 1/17/16
Difference in result displayed by "nice" and "regular" printing using ipython console Alexander Lindsay 1/15/16
How to go back to default settings: Anaconda for Windows - Sypder (Python 3.5) Deb Midya 1/15/16
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Unable to Pythonpath Spyder to Psychopy (Windows) Jit Wei, Aaron Ang 1/13/16
Spyder hangs on launch - Throws "Warning: cannot register existing type 'GtkWidget'" Nicklas Stockton 1/11/16
can i "uninstall" previous spyder version after anaconda install? Jason Coleman 1/11/16
PYTHONPATHMANAGER in Spyder with Anaconda under Debian 8 leopold zyka 1/8/16
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