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Supporting proxies out of the box for WebServiceTemplates and (maybe RestTemplates as well?) Meang Akira Tanaka 7/17/15
Bean validation adapter and constraint message arguments for nested collection properties Михаил Голод 6/14/15
Stomp 1.1 and 1.2 allows empty values in a header Josh King 6/10/15
CompletableFuture as a return type for WebMVC controller methods in 4.2 - also for JMS? Jesper de Jong 6/2/15
New implementation of SqlParameterSource using annotations Patrick Mead 5/13/15
Building old 3.0.x spring-framework versions without SVN: missing spring-build Travis Downs 5/5/15
Spring Social Twitter, Ads Api Extension Hudson Mendes 5/5/15
ActiveDirectoryLdapAuthenticationProvider to read and sso with existing Lltpa / Ltpa2 token Filip Matošić 4/14/15
AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer - register listeners aurelien leboulanger 4/13/15
HttpComponentsClientHttpRequestFactory with RestTemplate? Raihan Jamal 4/6/15
Suggest a new module Aurélien Baudet 3/30/15
Thread Blocking contention on AbstractRefreshableApplicationContext.getBeanFactory NIK VERBECK 3/20/15
The two method in the example is not consistent lewis rabbit 3/17/15
Bean plug-in infrastructure Eric Rizzo 2/24/15
Contribution for SPR-12081: ShallowEtagHeaderFilter should be more efficient Craig Andrews 1/5/15
OkHttp implementation of ClientHttpRequestFactory Luciano Leggieri 12/31/14
Caching of Resources returned by a ResourceLoader Eamonn Linehan 11/25/14
JdbcTemplate and Optional Philippe Marschall 10/27/14
SPR-9293: Greek characters and htmlEscape() Craig Andrews 10/1/14
Reducing lock contention in DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry Scott Wisniewski 9/29/14
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