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Welcome to the Spring Framework contributors mailing list!

This is a group for developers who would like to contribute code to the Spring Framework.  If you're thinking about putting together a patch or pull request and would like to get feedback from Spring Framework committers and other contributors, you're in the right place!  There are often many factors to consider when making changes to Spring, and discussing ideas here first can help save everyone time in the long run and hopefully leave an enlightening trail of conversations in the process.

Please note that this group is specifically dedicated to the core Spring Framework, i.e. everything defined within the spring-framework Git repository.  This includes Spring dependency injection, AOP, MVC and many other modules, but does not include separate projects like Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, etc.

Please review the contributor guidelines and spend an hour or two researching your idea before posting here. First time contributors will be moderated. After that, members are free to post without moderation. Keep the conversation friendly, professional, and focused on improving the framework.

For more general questions, please post at stackoverflow.com; tags monitored by the Spring team are listed in the spring.io website questions section.

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The two method in the example is not consistent lewis rabbit 3/17/15
Bean plug-in infrastructure Eric Rizzo 2/24/15
Contribution for SPR-12081: ShallowEtagHeaderFilter should be more efficient Craig Andrews 1/5/15
OkHttp implementation of ClientHttpRequestFactory Luciano Leggieri 12/31/14
Caching of Resources returned by a ResourceLoader Eamonn Linehan 11/25/14
JdbcTemplate and Optional Philippe Marschall 10/27/14
SPR-9293: Greek characters and htmlEscape() Craig Andrews 10/1/14
Reducing lock contention in DefaultSingletonBeanRegistry Scott Wisniewski 9/29/14
Auto Mocking Context for Test Context Framework Tadaya Tsuyukubo 9/25/14
Invoker for REST services? George Georgovassilis 8/28/14
Spring 4 ZoneDateTime Restful recursive output Adil Ramdan 8/21/14
create an AOP for such that , i can log object state both before and after the function Adarsh Singh 8/21/14
Contribution for SPR-10500 (ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource) Bijender Singh 6/27/14
Contributing to SPR-5149 (MessageFormat on Assert messages) João Peixoto 6/23/14
EVCache implementation David Gonzalez 6/19/14
Contributing to [SPR-11324] ServletWebRequest can't validate Etag and Last-Modified together. Markus Malkusch 6/19/14
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