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Group closing Rossen Stoyanchev 4/8/16
Xml autowired give null values Krzysztof Majewski 4/8/16
ListableBeanFactory#getBeanNamesForType(ResolvableType) fails to return generic @Bean methods Matt Benson 4/4/16
Ordering Spring 4.2 JUnit rules Abram Thielke 4/1/16
Marshalling List and Other Collection Types Marcus Lim 3/7/16
Need your feedback on a new Spring-based web framework POC inspired by Express.js David Kiss 2/23/16
ApplicationEventTestExecutionListener to propagate TCF events to the ApplicationContext (SPR-13916) Frank Scheffler 2/12/16
Two level caching Shruthi B.S 12/26/15
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'entityManage Sebastian Cheung 12/20/15
Build issue in spring-framework Manish G 11/29/15
Should I Start Working on JIRA issues Serdar KUZUCU 11/10/15
Reenterable expectations in MockRestServiceServer (SPR-11365) Евгений Бесчастнов 10/30/15
Hello - how can I contribute? priya gachinamath 10/30/15
Enhance ScriptTemplate feature chanwook park 9/25/15
Certificate Authentication against LDAP with Spring Boot/ Spring Secruity dominik schelle 9/21/15
not able to access OAuth access token Mohammed Suleman khan 9/21/15
JCache synchronized cache loading Hélder Sousa 9/18/15
I suggest a better representation of the4.2.1spring-framework-reference'14.2.3Transaction management 양봉수 9/10/15
I need of offline documentation Newton Bujiku 8/7/15
RequestMapping: case insensitive path matching EungJun Yi 7/28/15
5.10.5 Defining bean metadata within components (is the @Configuration classes who aren't enhanced ) Moulay Ahmed 7/27/15
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