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Welcome to Sporcle University. In this Google Group you'll find loads of information on making Sporcle quizzes and any other Sporcle-related topics you can think of. See Posting Guidelines for more details.

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The Official Sporcle Badge Thread Derek Pharr 4/15/14
Sporcle University Rules and Posting Guidelines mselby 1/24/13
We Need Another Contest, Don't We? amazingjosh 4/23/14
Test Request corndog 4/23/14
New Dean's List Josh C. 4/23/14
Live5 Is Here Derek Pharr 4/23/14
How to create '20 most populated cities in a country' quizzes? uryue...@gmail.com 4/22/14
Advertisings slowing down the loading of games, for me today solyaris 4/22/14
The Shameless Self-Promotion Thread Sheldon 4/21/14
Reporting 1-bombs Derek Pharr 4/21/14
Crazy Ivan Progress Log Spacemaniac 4/21/14
Sporcle-generated challenges iglew 4/21/14
Shared Resources Bazmerelda 4/21/14
New idea for subcategory myitbos 4/20/14
Who wants to make a Literature quiz for me? beforever 4/20/14
S-E-X quiz Brimtown 4/20/14
How do I change a quiz from PRIVATE to PUBLIC? WolfpackMath 4/20/14
Sweet 16: Mega Fictional Characters Tournament THEJMAN 4/19/14
New Literature Editor: Beforever mselby 4/19/14
Alphabetize by last name? Hejman 4/19/14
Try my new puzzle! (and I need some help) Buckler 4/19/14
New Geography Editor: Citkeane mselby 4/18/14
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