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Compile time safety for Around Nimrod Argov 8/15/16
Mockito in specs2 evaluates a by-name functions when using spy Anatoly Rabinovich 8/5/16
Running all my specifications under one JUnitRunner Anatoly Rabinovich 6/24/16
Future + Scope + Await trouble Paulo "JCranky" Siqueira 6/24/16
Using nesting and isolation to represent a tree of all possible execution paths? Aldo Bucchi 6/17/16
Compilation error of tests when compiling from sbt 0.13.5 and -Yrangepos edmondo1984 5/29/16
files runner not running all tests Paulo "JCranky" Siqueira 5/23/16
Overriding "should" Ittai Zeidman 5/14/16
Trouble getting mockito verification to fail with ScalaTest Dave LeBlanc 4/17/16
String matchers highlighting feature Ender TUNÇ 4/14/16
Testing eventually and "now" with Specs2 edmondo1984 3/13/16
running fragments and catching output Alex Cozzi 3/9/16
Multiple nested scopes in Specs 3.6.6. bow 2/9/16
Maven Specs2 Suite skipped Marino Borra 2/7/16
Expectations count do not appear in sbt with specs 3.6.5 edmondo1984 1/13/16
Ignoring properties in a matcher with Future of a set of results Anatoly Rabinovich 1/13/16
Strange problem with Mockito and sbt ~test Gervais Blaise 1/5/16
[3.6.5] Chaining ForEach or mixing ForEach & Scope Greg Silin 12/20/15
Immutable Specification and Spray.io Marcin Matuszak 11/3/15
Matcher composition doesn't work without braces when Context (scope) is used AlexVa 10/26/15
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