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Immutable Specification and Spray.io Marcin Matuszak 11/3/15
Matcher composition doesn't work without braces when Context (scope) is used AlexVa 10/26/15
trouble with overloaded method...? Anthony Kerz 9/27/15
Step - Execution Order Mehmet Cem Güntürkün 9/13/15
ScalaCheck issue (w/ junitxml?) in 3.6.4, not present in 2.4.2 ach...@box.com 9/13/15
Nested tests using WithBrowser Mathieu Prevel 8/26/15
stopOnError / failOnError using Step parsers Toby Weston 8/10/15
Using Specs2 with Spring Steven Marcus 7/30/15
Specs2 & AudioSystem API Robert O'Regan 7/30/15
Checking call arguments when method has parameters with default values AlexVa 7/14/15
what happened to include in 2.4.xx moving to 3.6.x Tim 7/10/15
ScalaCheck scopes? Derek Chen-Becker 7/6/15
FatalException on skipped, pending and todo specs since upgrading to 3.6.2 benj...@needstyping.com 6/30/15
Exception thrown in beforeAll not handled ben.to...@gmail.com 6/24/15
scalamock and async verification of stubs (with specs2) Toby Weston 6/22/15
Exceptions thrown in steps get swallow in the IDEA runner (not SBT) Toby Weston 6/22/15
Tests within a Spec are displayed all together after the spec finishes in SBT integration test Luciano Leggieri 6/17/15
How can I implement BeforeAfterAll myself for 2.3.9? Sam Lee 6/11/15
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