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junitxml parsing with bamboo and specs2-three Alissa Pajer 6:50 AM
Specs 2.4.9 snippet edmondo1984 6:36 AM
specs2 3.0 etorreborre 3/3/15
JsonMatchers Int treated as Double Nimrod Argov 2/26/15
Display Math Stuff on HTML export Fabian Page 2/24/15
Json matcher throw NullPointerException when check root element when children element contain some null value Mike Chen 2/24/15
Inconsistent diff output Franklin Chen 2/18/15
xml matcher as mockito argument matcher Adi Stadelmann 2/10/15
XML matcher with diff? Franklin Chen 2/9/15
looping across specifications with different inputs Tim 2/7/15
`eventually` distributes over `or` Alissa Pajer 2/6/15
Acceptance specification - fragments acting as template for other fragments chris 1/29/15
deadlock bug Alissa Pajer 1/20/15
confused about optional matchers Tim 1/2/15
Test failing with 2.3.11 Mario Camou 12/31/14
Any Chance for scala 2.11 / scalaz 7.0.6 build Pavel Chlupáček 12/24/14
most idiomatic way to structure tests and validation Tim 12/24/14
specs2-three + holidays etorreborre 12/23/14
Tests as first-class values Mauricio Scheffer 12/16/14
Inconsistency in output formatting between specs 1.12 and 2.4 alexande...@gmx.net 12/16/14
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