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Migrating spatialite 3 databases to spatialite 4 database aidan murphy 7/30/15
BuildCircleMbr radius definition Jim 7/28/15
spatialite usage with matlab/octave? Richard Males 7/19/15
Finding all records where the point in the record lies within a radius of a given point Jim 7/19/15
gpkgAddSpatialIndex not working on ESRI generated data David Anderson 7/16/15
SE_RegisterVectorStyle: return -1 with .sld file mj10777 7/15/15
spatialite_gui: no extented text output for gpkg-geometries mj10777 7/15/15
security hotfix: FreeXL 1.0.2 sandro furieri 7/14/15
Can't link with libspatialite-4.3.0 if GEOS is disabled (gaiaCreateDxfParser is undefined) Francois Birot 7/13/15
Problem with spatialite לירז חיים 7/12/15
include sqlite3.dll with mod_spatialite distribution? David Anderson 7/11/15
CREATE TABLE geometry problem Duncan 7/10/15
Issue dropping a spatialite table Robert Oehler 7/9/15
Spatialite leak when loading/unloading sqlite fix? aidan murphy 7/8/15
Suggestion: [xxxxx rows total] new button roberto 7/8/15
Bug in Spatialite-gui 2.0.0-devel roberto 7/7/15
wmslite from external ip mj10777 7/3/15
RL2_LoadRasterFromDir not working 7/2/15
RasterLite2 - problems with a specific srid and faulty result with RL2_LoadRastersFromDir mj10777 7/2/15
spatialite_gui-2.0.0-devel: current state of the art sandro furieri 7/2/15
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