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Filtering objects in specified radius MikiSoft 6:10 AM
Building libjsqlite-4.4.0-RC0 for Android from source 12/2/16
libspatialite for iOS - size issue Ryan Gartin 12/2/16
Load Geotiff files to db without access to command line nigel donald 11/29/16
Adding a coustom point as new node to an existing (Multi)Polygon or (Multi)LineString HansGIS 11/25/16
Using SpatialLite "mod_spatialite" on windows without admin right sebastien rey coyrehourcq 11/23/16
load_extension does not find mod_spatialite.dll in x64 using .net Olivier 11/22/16
spatialite php5: Simple question not for me giuseppe 11/21/16
Geometry constraint [geom-type or SRID not allowed] olivier leprêtre 11/15/16
Spatio-temporal raster Vittorio Maniezzo 11/8/16
how connected content provider and spatialite? Maryam Anvary 11/6/16
Is WFS paging supposed to work with spatialite-gui Jukka Rahkonen 11/1/16
SQL concentric rings (st_buffer) to an existing point layer Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 10/27/16
Create a Layer with a dynamic buffer Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 10/25/16
Re: [SpatiaLite-Users] using spatialite's C API to insert a Linestring etc. sandro furieri 10/12/16
spatialite_gui is unable to open file whose path contains characters other than ANSI codes Paul 10/8/16
mod_spatialite thread-safety Jorge Rocha Gualtieri 10/6/16
batch script to create table and add a geometry column into a sqlite DB Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 9/26/16
get coordinate at given distance and angle moovida 9/23/16
importSHP, exportSHP and DBF writing to stderr Stephen Woodbridge 9/22/16
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