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bye bye LWGEOM sandro furieri 4/29/16
help for multiple import shape files into the same spatialite database ugo montorsi 4/29/16
ST_CUTTER antonio valanzano 4/28/16
SpatiaLite-gui : it is possible to link relative path to a SHP ? roberto 4/24/16
Problems compiling with Visual Studio 2015 Jeff McKenna 4/18/16
ImportWFS() - how to find the silent failure? Svetlozar Kostadinov 4/17/16
Running Spatialite 4.3.0a with SQLite on Windows 8.1 or later Marcel Gangwisch 4/11/16
Accessing Spatialite Database from webserver Kamal Mohemed 4/11/16
Spatialite Android problem witha targetSdk 23 Roberto Villuela 4/6/16
Direct access to Spatial Index from view not working as expected Argiris Grivas 4/6/16
How to load numbers with scientific notation from CSV? Jukka Rahkonen 4/6/16
help Function ST_Overlaps ugo montorsi 4/4/16
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for void jsqlite.Database.internal_init() error ekene ijeoma 3/28/16
Using SpatiaLite with the Clion IDE 3/28/16
st_sharedpaths seems to be slow David Anderson 3/25/16
mod_spatialite under Lazarus/FreePascal ZeosDB - "not authorized" sql error Immo Blecher 3/16/16
Trigger to update Longitude and Latitude fields when geometry changes Immo Blecher 3/16/16
Error loading spatialite module in C# project Jose Carlos Peñas 3/16/16
Spatialite 4.x Extension not Loadable on Windows 10 3/14/16
Install spatialite-gui application icon in hicolor theme per Icon Theme Specification 3/14/16
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