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spatialindex table is empty and MATCH RtreeIntersects not available antonio valanzano 3/5/15
security update: released FreeXL 1.0.0i sandro furieri 3/5/15
Null value getting images in the left or bottom border from a Rasterlite2 DB in Android Javier Ramos 3/5/15
Sqlite3 when used with extension of spatialite in Hadoop Map Reduce program, cursor or db gets locked. Dinesh Patel 3/4/15
Error while building Geos 3.4.2 Dinesh Patel 3/3/15
Error while configuring libspatialite 4.2.1-rcl on CentOS 6.5 Dinesh Patel 3/2/15
Fossil tickets 3/2/15
Most stable version of Spatialite Compatible to SQLite3.8.7 and python 2.7 Dinesh Patel 3/1/15
How to Select linestring outside multipolygon giuseppe 3/1/15
Dijkstra's Algorithm dosen´t show in spatialite gui Marco Galicia 3/1/15
ST_Difference beetwwen multilinestring: Overlapping geometries giuseppe 2/27/15
Voronoi Diagram for line segments / polygons Marcel Gangwisch 2/26/15
Windows 7 SpatialiteGUI Crash on INSER INTO giuseppe 2/26/15
sqllite and javascript Ketul Suthar 2/26/15
Deleted spatialite tables showed in Qgis giuseppe 2/25/15
Help - import shapefile and/or layer in spatialite Alexander P. 2/25/15
Intersect 3D geometry (line and box) Helo Worlld 2/18/15
RecoverGeometryColumn function for geopackages David Anderson 2/17/15
Statistics on OpenHUB Micha 2/13/15
rl2tool EXPORT doesn't seem to work properly 2/11/15
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