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pre-built binaries for windows 8? צחי יעקובוביץ 3:46 PM
Error compiling spatialite 4.1.x in Debian Samuel Mesa 10/4/15
About ST_sharedPath roberto 10/2/15
[patch] Update definition of gpkg_data_column_constraints table Brad Hards 9/26/15
GEOS_CFLAGS ignored by spatialite Ovintios Kovalntzis 9/26/15
ST_OffsetCurve - number of parameters changed from 3 t Martin Gray 9/25/15
shape file conversion to sqlite db with QT sailaja v 9/24/15
readosm: selective TAG print [segmentation fault] Ahmed Rafiq-ul-Islam 9/23/15
How to read blob data(coordinates) in qt sailaja v 9/22/15
Question on readosm to make it faster. Ahmed Rafiq-ul-Islam 9/18/15
Importing rasters with spatialite-gui 9/12/15
Make IsValidReason to return coded values Jukka Rahkonen 9/11/15
create read/write spatial view from sql? Richard Males 9/11/15
XX database disk image is malformed : again Marc Gauthier 9/7/15
hotfix release: 4.3.0a sandro furieri 9/7/15
SE_ReigisterRasterStyledLayer 9/7/15
Spatialite and Unity3d Daniel Tenbrock 9/6/15
asText(geom) returns GeometryCollection() Daniel Tenbrock 9/6/15
First and last points of MULTILINE geometries Marc Gauthier 9/6/15
Updating records 9/5/15
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