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Create a Layer with a dynamic buffer Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 10/21/16
Re: [SpatiaLite-Users] using spatialite's C API to insert a Linestring etc. sandro furieri 10/12/16
spatialite_gui is unable to open file whose path contains characters other than ANSI codes Paul 10/8/16
mod_spatialite thread-safety Jorge Rocha Gualtieri 10/6/16
batch script to create table and add a geometry column into a sqlite DB Paulo Eduardo Cardoso 9/26/16
get coordinate at given distance and angle moovida 9/23/16
importSHP, exportSHP and DBF writing to stderr Stephen Woodbridge 9/22/16
Unable to recover geometry table on table created with route results query Stephen Woodbridge 9/22/16
discrepancy in KNN function David Anderson 9/20/16
One to Many and or Many to One Routes Stephen Woodbridge 9/18/16
Problem with spatialite_network Stephen Woodbridge 9/18/16
Cross platform SpatiaLite PCL? frankie 9/16/16
spatialite gui fossil problem moovida 9/15/16
linker errors while building libspatialite-4.4.0-RC0 9/1/16
check_sql_stmt fails on OSX 10.11.6 Charlie Martin 8/24/16
Spatialite with dynamic linking to Sqlite3.dll Vlad 8/23/16
Geopackage with Universal Windows Platform UWP Ashutosh singh 8/22/16
Building libjsqlite-4.4.0-RC0 for Android from source 8/22/16
Spatialite leak when loading/unloading sqlite fix? Aidan Murphy 8/14/16
Spatialite_gui crashes on Mac OS X right clicking on virtual PG table carlob 8/5/16
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