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Spatialite & GPL Duncan 5/5/15
build spatialite-android/spatialite-android-library error 5/5/15
More on GeoPackage Brad Hards 5/5/15
spatialite JavaScript port 5/3/15
invalid arguments RL2_LoadRasterFromWMS José Sánchez 5/1/15
Compile Error while building spatialite-android/spatialite-android-library Amiruddin Nagri 5/1/15
How to know at what level of resolution RL2_GetMapImage may crash José Sánchez 4/29/15
SmartRoadSense CSV roberto 4/27/15
creating an ESRI compatible Geopackage David Anderson 4/25/15
Experimental CMake? GiuMas 4/24/15
Windows Binaries for RasterLite 1.0.0-rc1 GiuMas 4/22/15
Re: Find the extremities of a polygon from a specific point? 4/22/15
Android - Latest Spatialite libary and Sqlite with LoadExtension enabled for Xamarin and C# Jim 4/21/15
compilation error in spatialite gui (1.8.0 devel) with DialogsGraph.cpp and RL2_FONTWEIGHT_NORMAL SaultDon 4/21/15
assertion failed! File geos_ts_c.cpp, Line 3472 when searching or sanitizing geometries SaultDon 4/21/15
HasGeoPackage fails Norman Barker 4/20/15
License of the Spatialite-gui icons Jukka Rahkonen 4/16/15
Make CheckSpatialMetaData() to check also GPKG Jukka Rahkonen 4/14/15
split a lines table using a points table Andrea Borruso 4/9/15
pyspatialite problem on Fedora 21 and DBManager (QGIS 2.8.1) robi.facoetti 4/7/15
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