Hi everyone,
This is a group to talk about the javascript framework soma.js.
I'll be happy to answer questions or provide any help.

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Typescript declaration files henry.schmieder 2/16/17
CommonJS modules Tony Taylor 2/2/16
Event Exists Carlos Basso 1/11/16
Animations in somajs Rexrgis Bravi 4/20/15
Somajs test app Rexrgis Bravi 4/17/15
Thin data binding solutions 12/12/14
Help me in designing new JS framework Sai Pavan Velidandla 12/10/14
Application inheritance Romuald Quantin 11/7/14
Obfuscation with soma js dependency injection Yongyi Jin 10/14/14
Output a background image in template. Robert Biggs 8/22/14
how to remove mediator ? Luc Humanhighway 8/22/14
Custom events for Soma-template Robert Biggs 8/6/14
Template Helpers for Repeaters Robert Biggs 7/19/14
Sequence and Parallel commands. Joel Caballero 7/17/14
Getting a reference to a template in a mediator Robert Biggs 7/17/14
this.instance Robert Biggs 7/14/14
mapClass vs createInstance Robert Biggs 7/14/14
Ajax Request as data source Robert Biggs 7/7/14
injection vs scoped var Serg 5/13/14
soma-template: list entries with different html according to their type mailo 3/3/14
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