We want SOFA Statistics to be the best program it can be.  And that doesn't just mean features and technical sophistication, it means user friendliness and ease of use.  To achieve that, we need your feedback and insights. Please feel welcome to join the community discussion.

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Scripting Report Feature George Self 2/15/18
statistical process control SPC charts 1/22/18
strange p value Aron Arnold 1/22/18
I keep getting an error when attempting to download Tonya C 1/8/18
install Kuriakin Toscan 10/24/17
SOFA Lab Manual George Self 10/14/17
SOFA crashes when chosing "copy current output ready to paste" Andi Siess 7/1/17
Exporting Data Simona Raso 6/23/17
Another good Stats Pack from Newzealander IonCube khanz 6/10/17
Installed but not running Linux Debian IonCube khanz 6/10/17
Export database to 2nd user with existing SOFA projects Alastair Gordon 6/1/17
How do I save result tables? Holch 5/31/17
Including output in web pages Giulio Rigoni 3/3/17
i cannot download. rosalie perea-naco 2/25/17
i can't install it on my windows Caitlyn Testa 2/4/17
Ubuntu Install Error George Self 1/29/17
Kurtosis Calculation George Self 1/29/17
Can't install Sofa Stat 1.4.6-1_ALL.deb Cigarjoe 1/27/17
Unable to connect version 1.4.6 to MS SQL Server mehar 1/18/17
Re: Digest for - 1 update in 1 topic Kristin Juarez 12/14/16
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