We want SOFA Statistics to be the best program it can be.  And that doesn't just mean features and technical sophistication, it means user friendliness and ease of use.  To achieve that, we need your feedback and insights. Please feel welcome to join the community discussion.

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Where to next for SOFA Grant Paton-Simpson 11/10/15
Kurtosis Calculation George Self 11/22/16
Can't install Sofa Stat 1.4.6-1_ALL.deb Cigarjoe 10/6/16
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Mac user and it isn't loading as an application Kristin Juarez 8/18/16
chart: graphic customization Giulio Rigoni 7/29/16
importing data note importa 6/21/16
inadequate variability Boxplot Vassilios Mazis 5/20/16
Data Recovery 5/3/16
Freezing Exports on Mac Alex R 4/1/16
Unable to show variables or charts Wendell Beintema 3/30/16
Staring New Project Brandon Ryan 3/22/16
Any advise on opening .sav file in SOFA? Pramod Sharma 3/11/16
Re: Multivariate analyses with sofa Grant Paton-Simpson 3/5/16
Box Plot and Anova Questions PerMagna 2/19/16
how to open a table on startup with AppleScript Blaine Mooers 2/13/16
Database locked? Charles Hartley 2/8/16
Install Help for Mac (OSX 10.8.2) Dave Frye 2/2/16
Minor errors detected upon loading Tiron Andric 1/27/16
Different charts and output between Win7 and Linux? Charles Hartley 1/23/16
Is it possible to "weight cases" (as in SPSS/PSPP)? Charles Hartley 11/13/15
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