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WebSockets in WebView dropping/hanging (but not explicitly disconnecting) after a couple minutes or on switching app 3/24/15
Serializing the connection object Rohan Bharadwaj 3/8/15
websockets to sockjs Wojciech Kaszycki 3/8/15
Nodejs sockjs token authentication Alec Embke 3/2/15
Is rabbit.js a potential solution to SockJs server-to-server broadcasting? 3/1/15
SockJS-client on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean 2/6/15
SockJS disconnecting frequently when used in PhoneGap Android 1/24/15
Broken tests for sockjs-node Michael Irani 12/3/14
SockJS framing Bryce Kahle 10/28/14
sockjs-client v1.0.0-beta.2 released Bryce Kahle 10/27/14
Load balancing SockJS server backends - sticky and least connections simultaniously Александр Емелин 10/20/14
Python (Tornado) Client Side Support Drasko DRASKOVIC 10/11/14
CORS and X-Frame-Options security Brian Clozel 10/8/14
"Vary:Origin HTTP header" Brian Clozel 10/8/14
NOTICE: SockJS CDN will be retired once version 1.0 is released Bryce Kahle 9/25/14
Help regarding custom authentication Shashwat Srivastava 9/23/14
SockJs room Stanislav Stanislav 8/26/14
SocketJS on IE9 only works when Developer Tools (F12) was opened 7/28/14
sockJS chrome problem Marko Vranić 7/19/14
Sending Messages to a connection from some other part of the program Hurgh 7/17/14
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