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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Posted today to Comments at Return to Order Wallace Klinck 2:24 AM
Comment posted to the "Distributes Review", August 23, 2016 Wallace Klinck 8/23/16
Forwarded message to Dr. Ben Carson about his reference to Indiana Governor Mike Pence's "Compassionate Conservatism." Wallace Klinck 8/22/16
Response to article by Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson: "Russia's Weakness is its Economic Policy." Wallace Klinck 8/21/16
invitation, you can stay 1 week for free François de Siebenthal 8/19/16
Re: Your weekly dose of common sense Wallace Klinck 8/17/16
blog Jim Schroeder 8/9/16
World Social Forum 2016 50 and 80 thousand people coming François de Siebenthal 8/8/16
The way they build buses in China! Wallace Klinck 8/3/16
Important Document Alan Avans 8/3/16
Fwd: Japan’s “Helicopter Money” Play: Road to Hyperinflation or Cure for Debt Deflation? Jim Schroeder 8/2/16
Allan Watts Manu 7/30/16
Social Credit Philosophy Jim Schroeder 7/28/16
"Economic capacity"--fraudulent statistics robert klinck 7/28/16
Re: Fw: “You must foster everywhere a genuine ‘lay outlook’” François de Siebenthal 7/28/16
Social credit and the World Social Forum in Montréal, nearly 50'000 persons from the 9th up to the 13th August 2016 François de Siebenthal 7/27/16
Fwd: Social Credit in a Sentence Jim Schroeder 7/26/16
a universally accessible and interest-bearing central bank liability, implemented via distributed ledgers, François de Siebenthal 7/19/16
Fwd: Outline Phd social credit François de Siebenthal 7/5/16
Comment posted to "Psychology Today" Wallace Klinck 6/28/16
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