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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Post today to "TechRepublic" Wallace Klinck 11/30/16
Hawai'i Free Press -- interview by Dr. Kishore Jayabalan is the director of Istituto Actonof Italian head of the Wallace Klinck 11/28/16
from an organic farmer in Ontario oliver.heydorn 11/24/16
An Orthodox Christian, White House chief of staff François de Siebenthal 11/22/16
Mish Shedlock finally replies to me...will he cognite? Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 11/22/16
Posted To Real World Economic Review Blog Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 11/22/16
Get The Social Credit Message To Reince Priebus Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 11/21/16
Fwd: Is Canada in Trump's crosshairs regarding trade? - by Peter Ewart Wallace Klinck 11/21/16
The 'Problem' of the 21st Century Betty Luks 11/19/16
Message to Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and a major supporter. Wallace Klinck 11/19/16
Massive banks are ripping off Americans. There is finally an alternative. Greg Millman 11/18/16
Fwd: Articles from Technocracy News for 11/18/2016 Betty Luks 11/18/16
Betty Luks Betty Luks 11/18/16
Frances Coppola, a Brit liberal/There is a slow awakening on both sides of the political aisle Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 11/18/16
Work in the Middle Ages oliver.heydorn 11/18/16
Material and Spiritual Prosperity Wallace Klinck 11/17/16
Steve Bannon Jim Schroeder 11/17/16
viral Jim Schroeder 11/17/16
the Catholic verses oliver.heydorn 11/15/16
Re: The world vs Donald Trump Wallace Klinck 11/15/16
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