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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Comment posted to the "Distributes Review", August 23, 2016 Wallace Klinck 12:58 AM
Adair Turner from New Yorker Greg Millman 9/27/16
Primer Greg Millman 9/27/16
Correspondence Wallace Klinck 9/26/16
The Chicago Plan Greg Millman 9/26/16
Posted To Steve Keen's Latest youtube video Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 9/25/16
Re: Comment posted to the "Distributes Review", August 23, 2016. Sun yat sen was promoting socialism and so did the Kuomintang for a while. Greg Millman 9/19/16
invitation, you can stay 1 week for free François de Siebenthal 9/17/16
The "Mondragon" Experiment Wallace Klinck 9/15/16
Social Credit and Foreign Trade Wallace Klinck 9/9/16
Social Credit Dividends or absorption of the work force into a State Workforce? Wallace Klinck 9/3/16
Banker Who’d Revolutionize Money Says It Can Be Done From Within François de Siebenthal 9/3/16
Startling prospects of technology for the future with examples from the past and present. Wallace Klinck 9/2/16
Posted today to Comments at Return to Order Wallace Klinck 8/29/16
Re: The Words of God, Our Charity, And Our Ego By Eric V. Encina Wallace Klinck 8/28/16
Additional comment posted to the "Return to Order" website Wallace Klinck 8/27/16
Forwarded message to Dr. Ben Carson about his reference to Indiana Governor Mike Pence's "Compassionate Conservatism." Wallace Klinck 8/22/16
Response to article by Paul Craig Roberts and Michael Hudson: "Russia's Weakness is its Economic Policy." Wallace Klinck 8/21/16
Re: Your weekly dose of common sense Wallace Klinck 8/17/16
blog Jim Schroeder 8/9/16
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