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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Politics of Debt Reading Group: Social Credit and Basic Income kyunkyun 1:13 AM
Comment submitted to "Waking Times" re Money Creation, etc. Wallace Klinck 5/26/15
A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty and Nearly Everyone Forgot About It François de Siebenthal 5/21/15
New edition of Douglas's book "Social Credit" Wallace Klinck 5/17/15
Fwd: Rocco Galati and the Case against the Bank of Canada François de Siebenthal 5/17/15
When the Financial Governor is opened up. Wallace Klinck 5/16/15
Excerpt from Dr. Thomas Robertson's book "Human Ecology" -- posted to SCRIBD Wallace Klinck 5/15/15
Re: Not as far-fetched as you think Wallace Klinck 5/14/15
The One Liiiitle Detail Steve Hummel 5/14/15
Post to Oliver Heydorn's blog Wallace Klinck 5/13/15
Externalities oliver.heydorn 5/12/15
Jim Schroeder 5/11/15
Comment posted to the Richie Allen site following his interview of David Icke on May 8, 2015. Wallace Klinck 5/10/15
About the Multiplier effect kyunkyun 5/10/15
Cicero and money -- new and old. Wallace Klinck 5/9/15
A speech I'm thinking about putting on youtube Steve Hummel 5/9/15
Good for China! Dean E Malone 5/9/15
This is huge! Dean E Malone 5/5/15
The cause of the gap of the A+B theorem is a "lacking investment" or "Savings"? kyunkyun 5/4/15
Our challenge described by Bank of England’s governor Mervyn King: François de Siebenthal 4/29/15
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