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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Don't confuse blockchain with crypto currencies... Dean E Malone 5/6/18
Block chain meets social credit Dean E Malone 5/4/18
Transcending the dialectic (Frederick D. Wilhelmsen) Martin Ant 5/4/18
RE: Social Credit as Toryism Dean E Malone 5/3/18
C.H. Douglas in economics article Jim Schroeder 4/15/18
About the money creation of private banks kyunkyun 4/4/18
JOYEUSES PÂQUES - HAPPY EASTER !!! François de Siebenthal 4/2/18
The winds of change Jim Schroeder 3/21/18
"workable economics" oliver.heydorn 3/19/18
Some good news from Switzerland François de Siebenthal 2/21/18
Social Credit vs. Steve Keen's Modern Debt Jubilee Manu 2/4/18
Letter to paper Jim Schroeder 1/21/18
Trump in Davos, Switzerland François de Siebenthal 1/10/18
RE: To Gain True Independence, Russia Embraces Blockchain Dean E Malone 1/9/18
Workable oliver.heydorn 1/8/18
Hello, Friends of Social Credit Invitation in Switzerland and Canada. François de Siebenthal 1/4/18
Re: A Frosty Reception to Trump's Prayer Wallace Klinck 1/3/18
how to account for sovereign money on a central bank's and the banks' balance sheets. François de Siebenthal 12/2/17
NEW MONEY FROM BANKS IN SWITZERLAND ? François de Siebenthal 11/30/17
Futarchy; a new form of government Dean E Malone 11/27/17
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