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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain tech Charles Laing 4:09 AM
Post to John Horvat II's blog "Return to Order" Wallace Klinck 1/22/17
Comment sent today to the principals of UK Column under the title "UK Column opting for Ludditism in the 21st century?" robert klinck 1/22/17
Breaking Up The Monopoly Paradigms of Finance: The Ultimate Populist Issue Steve Hummel The Window Cleaner 1/21/17
Social Credit Centenary 1917-2017 oliver.heydorn 1/21/17
Betty Luks Betty Luks 1/18/17
UBI in Finland Martin Ant 1/13/17
Dr. Peterson oliver.heydorn 1/11/17
Robert Klinck's videos oliver.heydorn 1/11/17
Have you seen this hilariously awful documentary about Aberhart? Charles Laing 1/10/17
Long-Term Job Killer - automation oliver.heydorn 1/8/17
Belloc´s (absurd) problems with Social Credit Martin Ant 1/8/17
Fwd: China's new tool for control Betty Luks 1/7/17
A Social Credit Maxim oliver.heydorn 1/6/17
Your video is getting more traction, Bob... Dean E Malone 1/4/17
correspondence between Douglas and Aberhart Jim Schroeder 1/2/17
Social credit game, video amended François de Siebenthal 12/28/16
Merry Christmas Jim Schroeder 12/25/16
Swiss positions, federal-council-adopts-monetary-policy François de Siebenthal 12/23/16
Message in response to Australian Senator Matt Canavan. Wallace Klinck 12/23/16
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