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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Marc Morgan's Paper oliver.heydorn 4/16/17
U.S. policy with regard to Syria and the Middle East. Wallace Klinck 4/14/17
Most recent post replying to PJ on Jon Rappoport's blog: Wallace Klinck 4/12/17
My reply to Kevin O'Leary, Progressive Conservative Leadership Candidate in Canada, 2017. Wallace Klinck 4/11/17
Latest rejoinder to PJ on Rappoport Blog Wallace Klinck 4/7/17
The privilege of creating and issuing money François de Siebenthal 4/6/17
Post to Jon Rappoport's blog Wallace Klinck 4/6/17
helicopter money and basic income Jim Schroeder 4/5/17
Usury ? François de Siebenthal 4/4/17
Banking Fraud Wallace Klinck 4/3/17
Douglas on the Institute of British Bankers funding of opposition to the ideas of Social Credit Wallace Klinck 4/2/17
Britain' exit from the European Union Wallace Klinck 3/31/17
Guardian article oliver.heydorn 3/27/17
Janine Stingel's book "Social Discredit: Anti-Semitism, Social Credit and the Jewish Response." Wallace Klinck 3/25/17
Social Credit and Association Jim Schroeder 3/23/17
Bitcoin lending relevant to SC? Greg Millman 3/23/17
real output growth since the Industrial revolution Jim Schroeder 3/21/17
An account for each person since the conception in the central bank ?... For Us, the Living, Heinlein describes an environment in which individuals are able to choose whether or not to accept a job. François de Siebenthal 3/14/17
another newspaper article on Social Credit Jim Schroeder 3/10/17
The Social Credit Bottom Line oliver.heydorn 3/5/17
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