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Welcome to the Social Credit email group.  This group was created to discuss C.H. Douglas's theories, the history of the Social Credit Movement, and look at ways to implement Douglas's policies around the world.

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Reply to Anne McGrath or the NDParty. Wallace Klinck 10/4/15
interesting commentary on Social Credit price rebate and the UK inflation rate Jim Schroeder 10/3/15
Good news focuse attention on Basic Income or Dividends ( Alaska etc... ) François de Siebenthal 10/3/15
Response to the 2015 pre-elections release of the Canadian Green Party Manifesto Wallace Klinck 10/2/15
The robots are stealing our jobs: could a basic income system save us? François de Siebenthal 10/1/15
FIMKrypto has developed a free, decentralized variant and designed a cryptocurrency based basic income plan for national distribution of a portion of the currency to Finnish citizens. François de Siebenthal 9/30/15
By hook or crook, the tit is turning Dean E Malone 9/28/15
Fwd: Time for the Nuclear Option: Raining Money on Main Street Jim Schroeder 9/26/15
from Brian François de Siebenthal 9/25/15
UK Parliament Debates Money Creation - Highlights François de Siebenthal 9/25/15
Fwd: Another "genius" commentary on robotization Wallace Klinck 9/24/15
Week of Study on Economic Democracy François de Siebenthal 9/22/15
Immigration, refugees, internal infrastucture and International Trade Wallace Klinck 9/22/15
The World Summit on Technological Unemployment: September 29, 2015 kyunkyun 9/22/15
Fwd: The Rage of the Bankers - The New York Times François de Siebenthal 9/21/15
Anybody know who these "friends" of COMER are? François de Siebenthal 9/21/15
Correspondence with the Left-leaning Daily Kos web community Wallace Klinck 9/20/15
Comments to Correspondents Wallace Klinck 9/19/15
Comer case vs The Bank of Canada: Interview with lawyer Rocco Galati by Amanda Lang Wallace Klinck 9/18/15
Fwd: RSVP Now: U.S. Premiere of Humanum Films at World Meeting of Families François de Siebenthal 9/18/15
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