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Phoenix Jewish Genealogy Group meeting - Sunday, May 1, 2016 Emily H Garber 4/23/16
Search for Ship that Carried Grandfather to America Lawrence Weintraub 4/23/16
Descendents of Max Vol/Wall David Rosen 4/23/16
Hermann Schulein Munich Restitution Claim 1946 4/23/16
JewishGen Passover Companion 4/22/16
This week's Yizkor book spotlight on the JewishGen Facebook page 4/22/16
Vital Records: Warsaw Marilyn Silva 4/22/16
Platz/Plac from Delyatyn Shelley Mitchell 4/22/16
JGSGB presents Polish Books of Residents and Other Valuable Resources Ellie Ruth Goldberg 4/21/16
ViewMate/russian not polish language 4/21/16
Memorial Plaques: Hoboken, New Jersey 4/21/16
Yiddish/Hebrew? translations needed Barbara Schoenburg 4/21/16
How did you break through your thickest brick wall? David Alan Laskin 4/21/16
A Stone with a Story Eli Moses Rabinowitz 4/21/16
IAJGS Achievement Awards Committee 2016 and Call for Applications Marlis Humphrey 4/21/16
IAJGS Rabbi Malcolm Stern Grant Committee 2016 and Call for Applications Karen Milstone Amato 4/21/16
Pronouncing Eastern European Town Names Phyllis Kramer 4/21/16
Viewmate translatioon request Russian re Mosek BLUMBERG Helen Gardner 4/21/16
ViewMate: Postal card translation; Polish 4/21/16
Viewmate Translation Request - Russian Karen Milstone Amato 4/21/16
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