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JGS of Montreal's next program: Monday, August 22, 2016 Merle Kastner 8/17/16
Rav Moshe LIPSCHUTZ of Philadelphia 8/17/16
Joint Distribution Committee database Alan Shuchat 8/17/16
Re: Name SHNEUR ZALMAN and Name Changes David E Goldman 8/16/16
JewishGen Education Class Sept 9-30 8/16/16
Name Shneur Zalman David E Goldman 8/16/16
South Jersey Jewish marriage records Stephen Pickholtz 8/16/16
Polish Patronymic Question re: ELIOWICZ Stephen Paul Denker 8/16/16
Seeking 3 Polish Passport records from 1922 & Visas from 1923 8/15/16
FOGLTANZ - Jewish name? 8/15/16
BABINDA in Grodno, 1917 - marriage records? Saul Goldstone 8/15/16
The vital records of the town Trovitz (Torhovytsia) David Nesher Adler 8/15/16
ViewMate requests, 1800s birth/marriage/death records in Polish David William Perle 8/15/16
Chicago-area Jewish family history research resources to be explained Aug. 28 in Northbrook, Illinois 8/14/16
ViewMate - German to English Translation Alan Seid 8/14/16
ViewMate translation request - Russian Greg R Tuckman 8/14/16
(US-NYC) The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Publishes New Guide to NYC Municipal Archives Jan Meisels Allen 8/14/16
Changing Last Names For Emigration David E Goldman 8/14/16
PEARLMAN family from Paterson New Jersey Hymie Reichstein 8/14/16
Searching FURMAN, Brighton Beach Brooklyn, 1946 Ben Forman 8/14/16
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