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ViewMate Translation Request - Russian to English Jerry Schneider 1/9/17
JGS of Long Island Meeting Jacqueline Wasserstein 1/8/17
ViewMate Translation Request - Polish and Russian Paul Auerbach 1/8/17
Citizenship Denied David W Harris 1/8/17
Geller/Heller family from Schedrin, Belarus 1/8/17
Early 19th century Devon research, Sephardic connection? Julian Levy 1/8/17
Re:16th Century Artifact Documenting Arrival of Jews in New World Stolen and Found Peggy Mosinger Freedman 1/7/17
BCG Free Webinar on Writing Up Your Research January 17, 2017 8:00 PM ET Jan Meisels Allen 1/7/17
(Canada) 150th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation with the Library and Archives Carol Rombro Rider 1/7/17
(US-NYC) Supreme Court of NY "Division of Ancient Records" Moving Carol Rombro Rider 1/6/17
(US-OK) New Law Requiring Online Indexes of Birth and Death Records and More Carol Rombro Rider 1/6/17
Yanover Poland or Austria ? Moshe Schaeffer 1/6/17
Looking for info on Cwik/Tsvik/Zwick family in Rokitno and Rafalovka (Volhynia) 1/6/17
Cemetery of the town Burgpreppach (Bavaria, Germany) David Nesher Adler 1/6/17
Descendancy from Reb Chaim of Volozhiner Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 1/6/17
(US) National Archives January 2017 Genealogy Programs Jan Meisels Allen 1/5/17
JGSCT January Program Gail Kalison Reynolds 1/5/17
HALBERSTAM in Los Angeles 1/4/17
View Mate Request Polish - KROLEWIC and GORKA Carol Rombro Rider 1/4/17
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