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Looking for a Dr. PISTNER of Poland Moshe Schaeffer 8/11/17
Bessarabia SIG update for the month of June-July 2017 Yefim A Kogan 8/10/17
Thanks re: DOLGENAS and JAROZLIMSKY Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 8/10/17
Were Hirsch HELFER and Chaim HELFER of Brody brothers? Joyce Eastman 8/10/17
From the mixed-up files of the Kotler and Seigol families... Renee Stern Steinig 8/10/17
Sounds like Scarbbuba ERROL SCHNEEGURT 8/10/17
Translation request Polish NISENBAUM and GARBER Sherri Fischer Venditti 8/10/17
Reminder: Obermayer German Jewish History Award submission deadline Arthur S Obermayer 8/10/17
Polish to English translation request ERROL SCHNEEGURT 8/10/17
Russian Translation Max Wald 8/10/17
Conference Highlights #2 - New Exhibitor Booth & Booth Talks 8/10/17
(Europe) European Day of Jewish Culture is Celebrated September 3, 2017 Jan Meisels Allen 8/9/17
ViewMate translation request - Hebrew and Russian Terry ASHTON 8/9/17
ViewMate: I would like to locate these Romanian Families Selma Dreiseszun 8/9/17
census Mike Yesnes 8/9/17
Contact for family of Yitzchak Refael A"H Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 8/9/17
Accidental death Sokolow Podlaski Poland 1889 Sherri Fischer Venditti 8/9/17
Are there lists of passengers departing from Cherbourg, France available for 1922/3 ? Alberto Guido Chester 8/9/17
Descendants of Max & Minnie GOLDMAN (LAIZEROWITZ) of NYC & Gostynin, Poland Julian H Preisler 8/9/17
(Ireland) 300 Year Old Jewish Cemetery Handed Over to Dublin City Council Jan Meisels Allen 8/8/17
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