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Yiddish names to American names in U.S. records Shari Joy Kantrow 7/20/16
Sing Sing Execution Ongoing Mystery! Hyman OSTRANSKY Marilyn Robinson 7/20/16
Re: Yiddish Names to American Names in U.S. Records Judith Singer 7/20/16
July 31 Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois program 7/19/16
PINCHASIK family: Questions about Russian immigrant travel 7/19/16
Translation from Polish to Englisf 7/19/16
(US) USCIS Webinar on INS Subject Correspondence Index Reference to Certificate Files Jan Meisels Allen 7/19/16
Submitting corrections for transcription errors in online databases Judith Ellen Elam 7/19/16
Sing Sing Execution: Death Certificate & Burial---An Ongoing Mystery! Marilyn Robinson 7/19/16
Searching: BEZOVIC, Zheludok, Belarus/Odessa/Scotland Judy Boxer 7/19/16
37 Lublin Area Towns Records Now Updated in the JRI-Poland Database Robinn F Magid 7/19/16
Researching victims who lived at Mommsenstrasse 47, Charlottenburg, Berlin Judith Ellen Elam 7/18/16
Searching for Ramo COHN and Elsa Henriette COHN, born REINERT in Naples, Italy 7/18/16
Seeking descendants of OSMAN family from Glasgow, Scotland David Ziants 7/18/16
How to attend the IAJGS conference when you can't get to Seattle 7/18/16
Jewish Given Names questions Jeffrey A Miller 7/18/16
Re: jewishgen digest: July 17, 2016 7/18/16
Lineage to sister of Rav Nachman of Breslev Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 7/18/16
Search: Rosa SMILOWSKI Alexander Keith Watson 7/18/16
ViweMate translation request - Polish German 7/18/16
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