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Find ABRAHAMS in London Arnold Chamove 4/23/17
IGRA Event-Tour and Lecture at the Museum of Italian Jewry Elena Bazes 4/23/17
ViewMate translation request - German - LIEBROSS and BRAUN Emily H Garber 4/19/17
TRAUB family in Israel 4/19/17
Searching for Pesach and Yaffa SHRAGA from Tel Aviv Ruth Nadelman Lynn 4/19/17
ViewMate translation request Ben Knobloch 4/19/17
Hebrew name for Munio? Renate Krakauer 4/19/17
Yom HaShoah Commemorated April 24 in Israel and the United States Jan Meisels Allen 4/19/17
Address in Chicago in 1951? Ron Kaminker 4/18/17
Searching Chava BIEN LICHTENSTEIN Susan K Steeble 4/18/17
Br'ansk Russia information Wanted Michelle Gail Sandler 4/18/17
Could a Rabbi be a liquor seller, too? Russell A Maurer 4/18/17
(UK) Wiener Library to Open Previously Unseen Evidence in UK of Nazi Death Camps Jan Meisels Allen 4/18/17
Chaim Sigmund GOTTREICH (*1886 in Grzymalov in Poland) Petr Soudek 4/18/17
Changing borders 4/17/17
New Records on the All Galicia Database Gesher Galicia 4/17/17
Banjamin Wolf and/or David WIDRA Jeannette Phnina Grunhaus de Gelman 4/17/17
Seeking identification of photos from 1920s Berlin on ViewMate Connie Ruth Springer 4/17/17
Pop-up map-finding programme 4/17/17
JGS of Maryland April 23 program Susan K Steeble 4/16/17
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