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Polish grammar question 1/16/18
Sarah GOLDSTEIN in USA? Bryan C Diamond 1/16/18
Searching COHNs of Albany, NY 1/16/18
Jewish Experiences during WWI - Second call for papers Gesher Galicia 1/16/18
Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) Webinar Schedule Jan Meisels Allen 1/15/18
(US) Ancestor Hunt Updates Its Jewish Newspaper Collection Barbara Sloan 1/15/18
ViewMate - photo identification 1/15/18
ViewMate translation - Russian 1/14/18
Jewish Film Festival Documentary: "Raise the Roof" Joan Parker 1/14/18
David and Sarah ABRAMOWITZ-New Haven, Ct./Boston/NYC 19th cent. Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 1/14/18
International Institute for Jewish Genealogy - Ignition Grant for Jewish Genealogy Research Jean-Pierre Stroweis 1/14/18
International Institute for Jewish Genealogy - Prize for completed but unpublished research in the field of Jewish Genealogy Barbara Sloan 1/14/18
Bessarabia SIG new website! Yefim A Kogan 1/14/18
Swiss immigration records T Gass 1/14/18
Death index Deutschkreutz Traude Katharina Triebel 1/14/18
Looking for information on the city of NAWCWKA Patricia Noemi Goldweic 1/14/18
Jewish Genealogical Society Meeting Harriet R Mayer 1/13/18
Joseph LEVINE aka Joe EVANS Marilyn Robinson 1/13/18
Mordechai HOROWITZ-marriage to Rav. David of Novarodok 18th cent. Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 1/13/18
re: Lisbon synagogue visit Barbara Sloan 1/13/18
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