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Lodz Ghetto Sheindle Cohen 7/18/17
Russian Birth Records for my Grandfather Isidore Shute and his Twin Brother Nathan/ Parents: Perl and Elze Schutte 7/18/17
Am I wrong in thinking that there should be a birth and/or a death cert for an infant? Barbara S Mannlein 7/18/17
Sarah ABRAMOWITZ Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 7/18/17
Michael ORLOW from Cherson, Russia Lin Herz 7/17/17
Viewmate Yiddish Translation of 7-page document with my grandafther's memories of the Holocaust and Concentration Camps Avraham Yehoshua Kahana 7/17/17
searching for databases of Jews captured by Russians during WW2 Feige Elka Stern 7/17/17
Looking to contact Rita Ovrutskaya (possibly of Natsrat-Ilit), descendants of Shusters from Novograd-Volynsk / Zvil Ann Scher 7/17/17
Marriage records, USA 1870-90 Yonatan Shalom Ben-Ari 7/17/17
ViewMate translation request - Polish and Yiddish Ellen H Caplan 7/17/17
More lists of communists -- New York City 1936, New York State 1939-1940, Illinois 1939-1940 Brooke Schreier Ganz 7/16/17
German Passports issued in Vilnius, in 1916 Gabriel Yadgarov 7/16/17
Thanks re: First name "Serel" 7/16/17
First name "Serel" 7/16/17
Photos at Mt. Hebron, NY Siddy N Rosenberg 7/16/17
Visit to US & Canada - Discussing My Projects Eli Moses Rabinowitz 7/16/17
1857 Abauj-Torna Census Records Vivian Kahn 7/15/17
Need help with surname MILUTZNIK Kathryn Suzanne Clodfelter 7/15/17
Re: Huncovce Yeshiva and/or Rabbi Samuel Rosenberg 7/15/17
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