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KehilaLinks Project Report for June 2014 8:01 AM
Key dates for IAJGS Conference 7:52 AM
Re: Grave of Syl Green Mark Howard Shapiro 7:49 AM
ViewMate translation request - Polish (Terespol, Poland) Yaron Pedhazur 3:32 AM
ViewMate translation request - Yiddish 3:31 AM
ViewMate help - understanding burial place on death certificate Linda Fredin 3:24 AM
Sweetbaum family in Los Angeles 7/9/14
Grave of Syl GREEN Barbara S Mannlein 7/9/14
BERNSTEIN Sokolivka Ukraine Brenda Lily Habshush 7/9/14
Where are the towns of "Molove/Moluf" and "Ussia"? Mark London 7/9/14
ViewMate Vital Records Translation Request - Polish Alice Linda Klein 7/9/14
First names Alan Cohen 7/9/14
New York prison records to be added to Ancestry Renee Stern Steinig 7/9/14
Russian town unknown Eve Line Blum 7/9/14
Czernowitz BMD Index Database update 7/9/14
Maurice Edelman 7/9/14
Pietersburg Kehilalink 7/9/14
Leshensky District, Kyiv Gubernia Annette Barbara Stolberg 7/9/14
Tomstone abbreviation G.R.H.D.S. - thanks to all who answered 7/9/14
family in Sao Paulo 7/8/14
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