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New API and plugins: header buttons and drop-down menus Tin 1/23/15
Please help test v2.1 with virtual rendering for columns. Tin 1/30/14
SlickGrid v2.1 Tin 12/4/13
SlickGrid 2.0 released Tin 1/26/13
SlickGrid v2.0.2 Tin 8/6/12
Silck Grid with jquery UI Sort Ananya Ojha 9/1/15
edit cell with an instant search like proposition Xavier Combelle 8/4/15
Chaining together two slickgrids for sorting Lorant Dobrondi 7/29/15
SlickGrid Dissapearing Text in Frozen Column on Horizontal Scroll Ajay 7/21/15
Re: Struggling to get data in a table (using JSON) Phillip 7/12/15
Tab character is added to cell when grid.onValidationError.subscribe is used 6/23/15
Disable the entire SlickGrid control. Denmark Avenida 6/19/15
Showing Child Collections as sub rows. Daniel 6/18/15
Re: Slickgrids in each row Steve Fazekas 6/16/15
Internals of SlickGrid's "virtual canvas" Jens Kristian Jensen 6/16/15
Setting specific background color to cells based on their content Miki Watts 6/7/15
create button to get handleHeaderContextMenu Renan Wagner Bendlin 6/1/15
Example of SlickGrid with PHP/MySQL backend James Stormes 5/15/15
Re: maxlength Steve Fazekas 5/14/15
how to set a maxlength? yyeshua 5/14/15
Possible issue in resizeCanvas Kiwi 5/12/15
What's the forceSyncScrolling option used to? Kiwi 5/12/15
How to trigger the event of cell when we move mouse from that cell in slickgrid? Hemanth Kumar V 5/7/15
Equivalent of onCellEditComplete event in Slickgrid? l46kok 5/7/15
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