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HELP: Simplecov reports ambiguous hit Jozsef Kercso 2/9/18
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New Release? 6/6/16
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Simplecov doesnt covers lines while running in rails 3.2 application with passenger - 4 in PROD mode 6/16/15
[PR 245] Ensure we return Floats, not Fixnum or Rational; fixes segfaults with mathn Benjamin Fleischer 12/11/13
Not very active here is it? 11/26/13
How to use Ruby's simplecov with non-Rails applications? Martin Asser Hansen 11/5/13
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Global configuration settings? Steve Agalloco 2/6/13
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Tests failling for me Troy Dawson 11/29/12
Hello world! Christoph Olszowka 10/23/12