SilverStripe Translators

This is a place for translators of the SilverStripe Framework+CMS and its modules, to discuss translations, and organize the translation workflow.
The translation itself is handled on, you can read about the process on

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A dozen Modules added to Transifex, now supports JS translations Ingo Schommer 10/30/13
Transifex translation masters are now updated nightly Ingo Schommer 8/22/13
Moved core from to ingo.schommer 8/4/13
Problem with wording Donald Rogers 6/18/13
Continuous integration is broken again miiihi 4/4/13
How to get latest translations into production? Donald Rogers 1/24/13
CMS UI should be completely localizeable now, please update your language :) ingo.schommer 9/20/12
Translation update working again, fixed some unused translations in the UI ingo.schommer 8/6/12
Get your translations ready for the 3.0.1 release next week! ingo.schommer 7/16/12
Committed first batch of translations ingo.schommer 7/13/12
Downloading translation yml file from getlocalization shmayek 6/25/12