SilverStripe Core Development

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SS_ Naming Convention Richard Rudy 2/11/16
SilverStripe, Testing and Continuous Integration Gordon Anderson 2/8/16
Injector + static methods. Patrick Nelson 2/7/16
composer types nicolaas 2/2/16
Addons Survey (aka. who is this helpfulrobot clown?) Christopher Pitt 1/28/16
Upgrade of PHPUnit to 4.8 in core Damian Mooyman 1/26/16
Supported versions, with quicker releases is this still the expected support schema? Nic Horstmeier 1/25/16
RFC: Adding ReactJS to SilverStripe CMS David Craig 1/19/16
SilverStipe UserHelp card sort discussion Cam Findlay 1/19/16
A visual guide for the upcoming version 4 of SilverStripe Paul Clarke 1/18/16
RFC: FormField React Integration API Damian Mooyman 1/18/16
RFC Neo-Versioning / Change Sets API Damian Mooyman 1/14/16
Injector config does not influence Object::create() Fred Condo 1/13/16
Stricter template syntax for 4.0 Jonathon Menz 1/12/16
RFC: Idempotent hooks and type checking Christopher Pitt 1/12/16
MSSQL builds on Appveyor Sam Minnée 1/12/16
RFC: Consistent init() methods Christopher Pitt 1/11/16
RFC: State Management David Craig 1/11/16
Userguide vs. user-guide Christopher Pitt 1/10/16
Time saver: withif and loopif blocks Jonathon Menz 1/10/16
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