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Using ErrorException instead of user_error() / trigger_error() , Allow creation of a Base DataObject Class schippie 12/12/14
Security pre-disclosure mailing list Ingo Schommer 12/12/14
Advanced workflow updates Marcus Nyeholt 12/4/14
Core dev Q&A Cam Findlay 12/4/14
Migrating Data Matthew Bonner 12/3/14
Using composer to build out thirdparty Dan Rye 12/2/14
Royal Flush Jonathon Menz 11/24/14
Spam on forums Matthew Bonner 11/20/14
new Object() vs Object::create() - are we encouraging ::create()? Loz Calver 11/19/14
3.1.7 installer bug Damian Mooyman 11/17/14
HtmlEditorField::create() syntax Tony Air 11/14/14
many-many extra fields min-max-avg-sum queries issue Tony Air 11/14/14
Developer toolbar vs Clockwork integration Mark Guinn 11/12/14
Persist GridField state between requests g4b0 11/11/14
Versioned::choose_site_stage should not rely on Session g4b0 11/6/14
API: stackable fields push Tony Air 11/5/14
API: GridField field castings Tony Air 11/3/14
CKEditor support: Made a proof of concept, any takers? Ingo Schommer 11/2/14
Correct / best method to rename a module? Ralph Slooten 10/30/14
New core team members Sam Minnée 10/24/14
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