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Runaway errors using Rollbar's Sidekiq integration Mike Pastore 4/25/16
Sidekiq Client error handling Abhishek D 4/18/16
Redis, Sentinel, and ConnectionPool Joe Reich 3/23/16
Sidekiq::Web Errors Jake Perry 3/15/16
Handling errors notifications that resolve after several retries Jonathan Mui 3/14/16
Sidekiq Issues on Heroku Buck O'Leary 3/14/16
Sidekiq 2 -> 4 Upgrade Graham Lyons 3/11/16
ENV variables and rails secrets are missing due the time. Dexter Morgan 3/2/16
Can't start Sidekiq on server startup 2/2/16
Twilio and Sidekiq issues? Martin Streicher 1/31/16
job.set(wait: 5.seconds).perform_later is not working for me; The job never runs. Nick Lega 1/13/16
How to gracefully recover from "too many open files" fatal exception. Mike Hall 12/23/15
help: sidekiq not found / rvm cap sidekick / bundle exec sidekiq ok Tom Abroad 12/22/15
Sidekiq Enterprise Periodic Jobs and Time Zone J B 11/17/15
Sidekiq looses all jobs and previous stats. Redis not showing a restart Angus Scown 11/14/15
Getting "undefined method `Exit' for nil:NilClass" from therubyracer in Sidekiq Jack Royal-Gordon 11/1/15
cannot load such file John C. 10/27/15
Where are running jobs stored when a Worker shuts down Jack Royal-Gordon 10/26/15
List out periodic jobs? John C. 10/20/15
Specifying queue (and/or other options) per-job? John Bachir 10/16/15
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