Shopify API Announcements

Major updates to the Shopify API will be announced here. Specifically, this is the official channel for DESTRUCTIVE changes, i.e. ones that may break your app.

All changes will be announced as far in advance as possible to prevent as much app-breakage as possible.

If you are an app developer then you should be subscribed to this group as the changes will affect you.

For general API questions/discussion, please subscribe to our other mailing list:!forum/shopify-api

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hyphenation/underscoring regression in XML Orders API Edward Ocampo-Gooding 9/13/12
app proxy outage this morning Edward Ocampo-Gooding 8/9/12
CSV Export to include Payment Method Edward Ocampo-Gooding 7/27/12
Webhook outage Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Edward Ocampo-Gooding 7/17/12
Change to how often orders/fulfilled webhook is fired John Duff 5/15/12
API Limit Raised David Underwood 10/20/11
JSON Errors Format Change Denis Odorcic 9/21/11
Removal of HTTP_X_SHOPIFY_API_CALL_LIMIT header David Underwood 9/20/11
Deprecation Notice: Transactions and Fulfillments XML API Receipt as YAML John Duff 9/15/11
Deprecation Notice: X-Shopify-Shop-Id David Underwood 7/29/11