Shiny - Web Framework for R

Shiny is a new package from RStudio that makes it dramatically easier to build interactive web applications with R. You don't need to know anything about web applications to get started--with just some R knowledge and our tutorial, you'll be writing Shiny apps in no time! Go to the Shiny home page to learn more and see examples.

Post your comments and questions (and answers!) about Shiny here, or show us a gist of your latest Shiny app!

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Announcement: insertUI and removeUI functions now available on Shiny's development version 7:11 AM
Adding Captcha to ShinyR Lukasz Kiljanek 7:07 AM
Can shinyR create a file and then send it as attachment in the email ? Lukasz Kiljanek 7:06 AM
Sending email from shinyR app. Lukasz Kiljanek 7:06 AM
Creating files in the main ShinyRApp folders (or subfolders) and accessing them locally / via url ? Lukasz Kiljanek 7:04 AM
Selectize colours ? Lukasz Kiljanek 6:58 AM
Selectize aliases... Lukasz Kiljanek 6:58 AM
Focusing the website dynamically to a given widget / input Lukasz Kiljanek 6:57 AM
Is there a way to make the shiny APP work under the different HTML address ? Lukasz Kiljanek 6:56 AM
Can ShinyR gerate the HTML website (with the CSS styling) or at least a JPG image ... Lukasz Kiljanek 6:53 AM
Unable to run sniny app on shiny server open Venugopal Sathyanarayanan 6:33 AM
shiny apps + pandoc/latex issue? Gianluca Baio 6:13 AM
Saving/loading shiny session state? Imre Kocsis 12:27 AM
Disable user and password shiny 12:04 AM
Download excel file nadeem saif 5/4/16
Port number choice 5/4/16
New shiny user questions Sebastien Bihorel 5/4/16
Modularizing Shiny app and map_shape_click not working SW 5/4/16
R/Shiny vs FileMaker (discussion about data visualization and reporting) Bobby Rohrkemper 5/4/16
Return output function based on selectInput tabPanel using R Shiny lara.faelivrin 5/4/16
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